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There are four types of Casters, based on the way they cast spells and where they get the energy to do so: Wizards, Sorcerers, Shadow Adepts, and Dark Adepts.

  • Wizards use carefully constructed formulaic spells to access the interface layer of Shadow Magic. Technically these are Shadow Wizards.
  • Sorcerers actually Mind Meld with Shadow Magic to manipulate reality using a metaphorical gestalt. Technically these are Shadow Sorcerers.
  • Shadow Adepts have the formulae for accessing Shadow Magic baked into their bodies and minds, giving them powers.
  • Dark Adepts have MRO baked into their bodies and minds, giving them narrow access to Dark Magic and giving them powers.
  • Dark Sorcerers and Dark Wizards do not exist as Dark Magic has no interface that can be accessed consciously.

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