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  • Remote but accessible
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The mine repurposed as the secret base for the PCs

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Climate Change

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Date Description Characters
Date Description Characters
2034-03-15 2100EDT Announcing the Post Evolutionists In a speech to the world, and backed by the new Council of Sophants, Varda and Manwe announced the beginning of a new world order: the Post Evolutionists. Storm Anderson · Varda · Tardigrade · Manwe · Oliver Scarboro · King Henry · Vincent Vintner
2034-03-15 1700EDT Council of Sophants Urgent Session The discussion was intense and heated, but it was also mostly positive. There was surprisingly little animosity among nations, but within them Mayors were often at odds with provincial and federal governments, and more aligned with the Corporations that ran the cities. IOTA raised a new kind of con AJ · Dan · Genie · Willow · Jake · King Harry · Storm · Sutton · Chewie
2034-03-15 1645EDT Assault Team Celestes GO GO GO Chewie lifted off, packed with soldiers, ordinance, a tank, a hazmat lab, a few scientists, and a lot of clanks. Originally Dan, Genie, and AJ were going to follow Sutton on the second run, but they were able to get prepped in time to make the first one.
2034-03-15 1400EDT A Variety Of Events CAFIA wants a say at the board level in the future of CAF. Nonvoting Executive Member.
  • You worked out a precedent for AI sophants not being things (property or slaves).

Wake Up, Pops.

  • Spinal tap.
  • Dropped in a radioactive waste cooling pool. (Explains the sharp gradient of the radiation damage
CAFIA · Willow · Sutton · Droo · Genie · Dan · Storm · Vic · Terry · Biggs · AJ
2034-03-15 1300EDT Genie and Dan are pregnant-ish Simon approached Genie and Dan in the exam room. The ultrasounds had taken some detailed analysis to figure out. "I have mixed news," he said, sitting behind his desk. "The embryos are all healthy and developing at about three times the normal rate. So far there are 16 of them. It looks Genie · Dan · Simon · Willow · Sutton · Storm · CAFIA
2034-03-15 0600EDT Droo, Mother, and Pops Landing, several very good rolls from Willow.

Pops stops melting. Mother stays sedated, though her arm is repaired rapidly with micro-surgical bots, nanowire meshes, and ultrasonic calipers (commonly called the sonic screwdriver).

There is more to copy here as raw material.

Willow also ensured t
Droo · Mother · Pops · Willow
2034-03-14 1900EDT SCIFI rework the Vernon Protocol With Willow going under the MRO Enhancement Process, the SCIFI team are immediately distracted by the new shiny. Instead of continuing to work on the MRO fundamentals, they turn to practical effects - such as Vernon and how his powers derive from the Celestial Four's version of the M Biggs · CAFIA · SCIFI
2034-03-13 2100EDT Induction into HMSS Storm and Vic induct the others into HMSS by the simple process of telling them about it and about Storm's history of service to CSIS and INCIS. They have a mission now: kill Ellen and destroy the Cyborg Collective in every manner. They are given access to much of the [[ AJ · Dan · Genie · Icky · Jake · Droo · Willow · Storm · Vic · Sutton
2034-03-13 1900EDT ICT Makes Progress The DNAO team had the biggest breakthrough on day 1, while other teams were still ramping up.
  • DNAO - DNA Optimization (18)
  • GUA - Genome Upgrade Authentication (6)
  • CSIA - Cryptographically Secure Immune Authentication (6)
  • UD - Upgrade Delivery (6)
  • TA - Test Unit A (6)
  • T1 - Test Unit 1 (6
2034-03-13 1600EDT A scary AF man meets a scarier AF man Willow realized that Tardigrade would have some insider knowledge of organized crime in Brazil – and everywhere else – so she introduced Droo and Tardigrade to each other. Tardigrade is so inhumanly psychopathic that he gave Droo the creeping jeebies – and Droo’s melded Willow · Droo · Tardigrade
2034-03-13 1600EDT A Princess In The Eye Of The Storm "Thank you for the swift welcome," Princess Victoria said, nodding to Storm and AJ. Before we begin our formal discussions, I require five minutes alone with Ms. Anderson. “Your Majesty,” Storm said, bowing. CAFIA silently complimented her on her greeting. "We can use Storm · Vic
2034-03-13 1542EDT SCIFI Investigate the MRO based on Petrov's work Roll 0 +4 many hands = 4

With DC-10 and Clever +6, they use Collective Hybrid Vigour (and a fate point) to have a successful Overcome roll of +2.

Unfortunately, Office Politics (-2) and Split Brain (-2) rear their heads. The desire for mad science (-2) also sends several researchers down strange i
SCIFI · Genie · CAFIA · Petrov
2034-03-13 1500EDT Vic contacts Storm so AHHASA can build bridges with PD I'm curious how this will play out. Storm · Vic
2034-03-13 1500EDT The Brazilians are implicated Willow contacted Droo to investigate the nanites. It’s a clean case of espionage, but there is no indication of how they were delivered to Narnia Base, or who was behind it. Taylor’s team had done a lot to understand what the nanites actually did, but no one knows what they were supposed to Droo · Willow · SegFault
2034-03-13 0800EDT The Sudbury Seven Save The World With μFusion Having done some research into the physics of H fusion producing He, I think there has to have been a breakthrough in deuterium production to make the things work - or you all stole a cubic metre of it when you made off with all your other booty. I need to talk to Adrian about it. Regardless, it won
2034-03-13 0700EDT A couple has a conversation On the way home from the Amazon by a somewhat circuitous route, Sutton and Willow had a little chat. Sutton was concerned by Willow’s occasional slips into ‘mad scientist management by fear’, especially after Genie’s concerns that Willow must not backslide into Miranda again. The conver Sutton · Willow
2034-03-12 2300EDT Willow discovers nanites Meanwhile, in back in the jungle.... Willow realizes that the common cause for the bizarre deaths in the humans is likely some kind of nanomachine. with a few hours work and the assistance of a strange man named Heathcliff Gentleman, the team are confident that the deaths were the result of cor Willow · Taylor · Heathcliffe Gentleman
2034-03-12 2300EDT Droo meets Seg at the Vatican and NO GOOD COMES OF IT Droo heads to Rome. After some skulking about he ends up in Vatican City in a men's washroom with SegFault because meeting a little boy in the men's for a precious exchange of confidence is just too funny.

Seg has taken over 4 Clanks with add ons.

Jake's Trouble comes into play, st
Droo · Jake · SegFault
2034-03-12 1900EDT Droo Connects with SegFault and discovers a threat This scene is set in the always-on virtual boardroom that all members of the CAF BOD have constant access to.

Droo stepped quickly into the virtual boardroom and popped the 'Call All' balloon that floated by the door. The other nine board members were all alerted that he wanted to talk. He
Droo · SegFault
2034-03-12 1800EDT Icky trains His Lace Day Three Lace Training
/roll 4f DC-4, Mod+0, Careful+1
1 -1 0 1 = 1 + 1 - 4 = -2
I'm getting this lace because I have a job to do - becoming Willow's bodyguard. (Spends fate point, brings roll to 0.) I'm ready to do that still, but I think she has broken our agreement: not only does she
Icky · NeuraLace
2034-03-12 1500EDT Chewie wanders through the wardrobe With the aerospace team working with Chewie to run the maintenance drones, the flight to the Amazon was amazingly quick. With everyone strapped in, she pushed out at 5g, heading nearly vertical until the atmosphere thinned. Shifting to rocket-mode, Chewie did something unexpected: she turned nose do Chewie · Sutton · Willow · Taylor · Lyn
2034-03-12 1400EDT Wing warping repaired from first emergency on the fly activation of the fusion powered plasram. The CAF Ground Crew returned the aircraft to true, but did not have time to deal with other inconsequential damage. Chewie · CAF Ground Crew
2034-03-12 1400EDT Taylor and the ABCThreat Team adjust Chewie When Willow, Sutton, Deke, and the HC Squad showed up to board Chewie they discovered that Taylor and some of her team had overruled the containment approach that the CAF BOD thought it had ordered up. "I understand there is some urgency," Taylor said, her quiet voice difficult to h Taylor · Chewie · Willow · Ellen Hofstaadr
2034-03-12 0900EDT Storm creates an MI that improves NeuraLace Performance Storm steps in to help Jake through the challenging task of securing his lace. In the process she creates a machine intelligence that works as a guide and hammer-tester for the NeuraLace team and for the person receiving the lace. She immediately sold this product to NeuraLace. The CAF Legal Storm · NeuraLace · Jake
2034-03-11 2332EST Sutton and Ruth throw down Sutton felt Ruth glaring at him the whole way back to CAFEL. Her rage and disgust were obvious to everyone. Sutton · Ruth
2034-03-11 2330EST Willow greets her returning hero Willow has identified that she is experiencing human emotion feelings for Sutton - an unprecidented event for her. Rationally, she recognizes that she is in a world where she lacks the control she previously had over her environment and other people. Having Sutton around makes her fe Willow · Sutton
2034-03-11 1910EST DVT is born There is more narrative to come.

The Alien Menace

Tetras, Pentas, and Swarms (or Bees) are descendants of sophants that the Trees encountered in their slow travels across the galaxy. As far as DVT knows there are at least five other sophants that have chosen to join the diaspora, but the
Droo · Vögell · Tetras · DVT
2034-03-11 1900EST Captive Tetras in the Faraday Cage Two pods - a 4 and a 5 - were collected after Droo's discovery. They were not harmed, but they were not invited either. They are currently in a CAFEL hanger big enough for Chewie. The space has been covered in a Faraday cage and is sealed and guarded. They have been given a wide assortme Vögel · Storm · Willow · Droo
2034-03-11 1810EDT Chewie Goes Wheels Up The MITOs are joined by a crew of soldiers and specialists to head to Atlanta and recover Taylor's family. Sutton, Genie, and AJ each take charge of: AJ · Genie · Sutton · Selina · Rodney · Polly · Bennie · Pleas
2034-03-11 1800EST Icky trains His Lace Training his lace continues.
/roll 4f DC-4, Mod+0, Clever+2 (Day Two Lace Training)
0 -1 1 1 = -1
Use Boost to pass
Icky · NeuraLace
2034-03-11 1600EST Willow Makes A Funny Droo and Dan are in Atlanta doing extractions and Droo checks back with CAF for assistance on removing the toxin ankle cuff on Taylor. Flush with skin and will administer a slow, painful, death to Alpha. Willow asks for the formula, and gets enough to determine there is no cu Willow · Ouri · Droo
2034-03-11 0945EST Jake Introspects and Chats With Mycroft Jake has had a lot of time to think and heal and work with the interface. During this time, he has been thinking a lot more about what the clanks can do, what has been accomplished, and what can really result from becoming integrated with millions of clanks. The "ant ball" with Kaleb, the ongoing Clanks · Jake
2034-03-11 0813EST Droo Drops A Counter Narrative In an effort to counter narrative invented by Boeing and INCIS about the Sudbury Seven, the team anonymously expose records that show the real events of the day. Well, real in the sense that the characters were not at all the S7, and that they all died saving the place. The leak bea Droo · Storm · AJ · Willow · Genie
2034-03-11 0000EST Overview Today:
  • 2034-03-10 0600EDT Jake continues training (free 1h 0900, 1300, 1700)
  • 2034-03-10 060
Dan · Church of the Transhuman · Bertha · Boeing · Jake · Icky · NeuraLace · AJ · Adrianna · Chewie · Clanks · Dan · DQE · Droo · Eddie · Ellen · Genie · Google · IOTA · King Henry · Leah · LEO · Bennie · Mycroft · Neuralink · OBCo · Ouri · Petrov · PD · Rodney · Selina · Simon · Storm · Susanna · Sutton · Tardigrade · Val · Vernon · Vögell · Willow · Q
2034-03-10 0900EST Immunocrypto Team Kickoff Meeting On Friday, while PD refugees and other employees were streaming in to CAFEL, the ICT spent a day working out what they were supposed to do, and how to do it. Over a difficult and conflict-filled day, they reached a consensus on their purpose and developed a roadmap to get them there.
  • Roll: 0.
ICT · Taylor · AJ · Storm
2034-03-10 0600EST Grace Regains Sight The radiation induced blindness disappeared overnight. This restored vision is astonishingly clear, but there are some strange colour distortions that will take getting used to. The timehearing appears to be unaffected by the restoration of normal sight - at this point. Genie
2034-03-10 0600EST Dan Regains Sight The radiation induced blindness disappeared overnight. This restored vision is astonishingly clear, but there are some strange colour distortions that will take getting used to. The other timesight appears to be unaffected by the restoration of normal sight - at his point. Dan
2034-03-10 0000EST Overview Our MITOs gain +1 Healing factor today. This restores the sight of Dan and Genie. Unfortunately this means splitting eye aches for AJ and Sutton as their modified eyes are rejected by their bodies, and regenerated from the inside out.


  • 2034-03-10 0600EDT Jake continues t
Jake · Icky · NeuraLace · Sutton · AJ · Genie · Dan
2034-03-09 1031EST Selina meets Sutton In an effort to calm down the panicking Selina, Sutton privately reveals that he is really Deke. "The hell you say," Selena said, her mellow voice dripping sarcastic disbelief. "My Deke wadn't no big black bald bodybuilder." She looked him over again, her precious panic forgotten. "You Selina · Sutton
2034-03-09 1012EST Selina has trouble Selina will arrive, initially very surprised to find out that Sutton is deke and he's... different. They will have a nice moment of bonding, sharing a few old tales, and catching up with recent personal history. Then Selina will discover that this "new home" involves an underground mine and a flying Selina · Sutton
2034-03-09 0000EST Overview Luna Colony Alpha has had some time to deal with the fallout from King Henry's outburst. Adrianna · AJ · Bertha · Chewie · Church of the Transhuman · Clanks · Dan · DQE · Droo · Eddie · Ellen · Genie · Google · Icky · IOTA · Jake · King Henry · Leah · LEO · Bennie · Mycroft · NeuraLace · Neuralink · OBCo · Ouri · Petrov · PD · Rodney · Selina · Simon · Storm · Susanna · Sutton · Tardigrade · Val · Vernon · Vögell · Willow · Q
2034-03-08 1200EST PD and DQE discuss unification The lunch meeting between the leaders op the PD and DQE - Storm and Meridian - leads to a long term goal of integrating their organizations into a new transhuman sect. As part of this statement of intent, PD will no longer advocate for killing, sterilizing, or abandoning homo sap Storm · Willow · Simon
2034-03-08 1000EST Simon arrives Simon arrives with his very extended family, and students numbering near 20. Simon · Storm · Willow
2034-03-08 0600EST Droo StrDexCon day 5 Day 1: New Aspect - StrDexCon

Day 2: +1 Quick

Day 3: New Aspect - Ravenous hunger: My new body requires around 12000 calories a day.

Day 4: -1 Careful

Day 5: +1 Forceful
2034-03-08 0000EST Overview Today, Dan · Droo · Genie · Icky · Jake · NeuraLace · Simon · Storm · Sutton · Tardigrade · Val · Vernon · Willow · King Henry · Mycroft · AJ
2034-03-07 1630EST Elon Meets The Board The board meeting went well. Elon made a pitch to support CAF as good neighbours, The proposal includes a non-voting board seat for Elon Si he can provide guidance and strategic support to CAF. a relatively low cost lease on Boring machines and a clone of his Architectural AI are included as we AJ · Dan · Genie · Mycroft · Storm · Sutton · Vögell · Willow · OBCo · Jake · Willow
2034-03-07 1400EST Sleuthing Swab Samples Mycroft helps Willow detect pheromones in the Vernon swab from the mystery mine 3 km from CAFEL base. She ran a clever analysis against any database of genomes she has access to with no luck. Meridian connects with Tardigrade to trade favours. They had a Willow · Mycroft · Vernon · Tardigrade · Meridian
2034-03-07 1200EST John Lawrence meets AJ Tankhouse A productive initial conversation takes place, with an attractive offer from new neighbour Elon Musk on the table for CAF. AJ · John Lawrence
2034-03-07 0700EST Willow Willow spends a fate point helping Jake with a Patient Prep failure during the neural lace implementation. Justified that she has many scans of Jake, and the NeuraLace team were being 'quick' not 'careful'. Google and Ouri both assist later (software patch) with additional Willow
2034-03-07 0600EST Icky Install Begins Icky
2034-03-07 0600EST Droo StrDexCon day 4 Day 1: New Aspect - StrDexCon

Day 2: +1 Quick Day 3: New Aspect - Ravenous hunger: My new body requires around 12000 calories a day. Day 4: -1 Careful

Day 5: +1 Forceful
2034-03-07 0000EST Overview Val secures a network of trade agreements and alliances that make his company safe for the foreseeable future. MITOs pick up an additional point of Forceful. Willow verifies that the pheromones used in OBCo are not malicious or robbing people of free will.
  • [[2034-03-07 0600EDT Icky Ne
Chewie · Dan · Droo · Genie · Google · IOTAI · Icky · Jake · LEO · Mycroft · NeuraLace · Ouroboros · Petrov · Simon · Storm · Sutton · Tank · Tardigrade · Val · Vernon · Willow · Q
2034-03-06 0700EST Jake Neural Lace Installation Prep: No issues after some assestence from Willow.

Install Lace: Roll was -1 so mesh was installed at a cost. One point of physical stress to Jake.

Install Perfusion: Installed without problems - after several Quick assistance from Ouri and Google. NeuraLace p
Jake · Google · Ouri · Willow
2034-03-06 0700EST Icky Neural Lace Preparation Neural lace assessment goes smoothly.
  • Scan: 3 (get a boost)
  • Plan: 1 (success)
  • Program: 2 (0 + use the boost)
Icky · NeuraLace
2034-03-06 0600EST Droo StrDexCon day 3 Day 1: New Aspect - StrDexCon

Day 2: +1 Quick Day 3: New Aspect - Ravenous hunger: My new body requires around 12000 calories a day. Day 4: -1 Careful

Day 5: +1 Forceful
2034-03-06 0000EST Overview Much of what happened today.


Early in the morning Willow gets a call from NeuraLink wanting to discuss her proposal. They have been running simulations and live tests over the last 24h. They are impressed.

They are also unclear on how to generalize the process for [[Optod
Chewie · Dan · Droo · Genie · Google · IOTAI · Icky · Jake · LEO · Mycroft · NeuraLace · Ouroboros · Petrov · Simon · Storm · Sutton · Tank · Tardigrade · Val · Vernon · Willow · Q
2034-03-05 0600EST Droo StrDexCon day 2 Day 1: New Aspect - StrDexCon

Day 2: +1 Quick Day 3: New Aspect - Ravenous hunger: My new body requires around 12000 calories a day. Day 4: -1 Careful

Day 5: +1 Forceful
2034-03-05 0000EST Overview Different characters have different tasks and goals.


  • Droo: Assist in design and testing of security. That contract from Tank.
  • Icky: Repair and arm Chewie. Be upgraded by NeuraLace and Willow. Assist design and d
Chewie · Dan · Droo · Genie · Google · IOTAI · Icky · Jake · LEO · Mycroft · NeuraLace · Ouroboros · Petrov · Simon · Storm · Sutton · Tank · Tardigrade · Val · Vernon · Willow · Q
2034-03-04 1300EST Aftermath and Construction Different characters have different tasks this afternoon.


Chewie · Dan · Droo · Genie · Google · IOTAI · Icky · Jake · LEO · Mycroft · NeuraLace · Ouroboros · Petrov · Simon · Storm · Sutton · Tank · Tardigrade · Val · Vernon · Willow · Q
2034-03-04 1100EST World events continue to escalate while the heroes try to get a base of operations set up.

World Events

This day saw relatively little military action between nations, who are still trying to figure out what happened to their missiles. Much of the Middle East conflict came to a sudden stop when
Sutton · Willow · Icky · Jake · Droo · Storm · Dan · Genie
2034-03-04 0600EST Droo activates StrDexCon StrDexCon is a genetic modification that dramatically increases physical strength, vigor, and agility. Droo had the package installed but it was never activated. Willow triggered it with a dose of selenium today. The installation happened over five days. The target's body grows leaner, more mus Droo · Willow
2034-03-04 0600EST Construction At this point the characters have some short term goals.

1. Defensive Power: Build a facility that will keep you and yours safe through the oncoming storm. At the same time, make yourselves a very expensive target to attack.

2. Offensive Power: Personally and collectively increase your
Tank · Sutton · Willow · Droo · Jake · Icky · Storm · Petrov