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Brad Bradsson V

Aliases: #REDIRECT [[Brad Bradsson V]]


[[Brad Bradsson V]] :: [[Brad]] :: [[Tooby]] :: [[Brad Bradsson]]

High Concept: Professor of Metamancy, Doctor of Behavioral Psychology, and Online Security Consultant
Trouble: I will always act to my own long term advantage - even if it costs short term trauma
  • Reason? Unreason? Whatever works.: Humans are a flustercluck of kludges. I'll use any element of human nature to meet my own goals.
  • Professional Hacker: I have applied my degrees in computer science and behavioural psychology to become a world renowned security consultant, with a speciality in finding new exploits in hardware and meatware.
  • Master Metamancer: My skills at bending the gestalt are legendary - so much so that I am banned from almost all IVR and IAR games.
  • Script Kit Creator: My proof of concept exploits are 100% always completely responsibly disclosed through proper channels, so bug bounties are my main source of income. At least, that's what the taxman thinks. My very illegal avatar is PakJak - based on the Incredibles' Jack Jack. Incredibly frustrating to deal with, but if you can pay the money, you can get scripts that can reliably do almost anything.
Fate Points
Refresh: 3 Current Total 3
Careful Clever Flashy Forceful Quick Sneaky
0 +4 +1 +1 +3 +4
Sophant Characteristics
  • Augments are people who have altered themselves significantly from baseline for their species, or the specific alterations they have made to their bodies and minds. The most common augments are mechanical/cybernetic, neural, genetic, or chemical. Augments begin with 24R for approaches and abilities, 4R of normal Refresh, and 4L for their Unstable Augment limitation (28R/4L). They can take up to 44R/20L. This kind of min/max character is likely to be very fragile.
  • Unstable Augment: Every time you alter your aspects, abilities, or resilience using augments, there is a chance that the change gets messed up. This is a 4 point limitation (uncommon, damaging) so the DC for the roll is 4. The player can use any approach to overcome this DC as long as they can justify it narratively. The final roll is /roll 4f DC-4 +Approach - as long as it is narratively justified. A failed roll adds the aspect Unstable to one of the character's augments - not necessarily the new or changed one.
  • Hacker: +2 to Cleverly use a vulnerable attack surface to gain access to a system. (Attack vs MS or Create an IAR advantage) (2R)
  • Metamancer: +2 to Sneakily bend the gestalt to do my bidding. Consider Inception, Dr. Strange, or the Matrix for inspiration - though I tend to be quite subtle. (Attack vs MS or Create the IAR advantage such as "I reject your reality and substitute my own!")
  • Script Kitty: +2 to Quickly launch a script to exploit an enemy system. (Attack vs MS or Create an IAR advantage)
  • Paranoia Pays Off
Magic: Spells and Powers
Augmentation: Genetic and Cybernetic
Damage Resistance and Healing
  • +4 DR vs attempts to hack or otherwise manipulate any aspect of AR Interface. (2R)
  • Implanted AR Interface (Chemically Enhanced Full Sensorium): +3 to all Sneaky and +1 to all Quick actions in VR and AR gestalts. This bonus applies to Attack, Defend, Overcome, and Create an Aspect rolls. In addition to having all nerves sending signals into the brain wrapped in induction coils that allow for a full sensory overlay, implants that can synthesize most hormones and neurotransmitters in the body are installed. These interfaces are shielded and hardened against ambient interference. Hacking them is very difficult. This is an extraordinarily complex and expensive procedure. (Cost 8R)
Stress: Mental Max 3 Stress: Physical Max 3
1 2 3 1 2 3
Consequences (Max 6)


Short, plump, mid-30s, light black man. Distinguished more than handsome. Quite a pleasant voice. Excellent amateur performer of 20's US R&B and Hip Hop. Kills it at karaoke.



Personal Events

Date Description
Date Description
2034-03-03 1125LT Preparing for the Final Push “This way,” Dex said, painting a path in the gestalt. Figuring out escape routes and bolt holes was one of the first things he’d done to prepare for the mission. There was a small pumping station about 400m away. It was a little off their direct route to the main entrance of the breeding pits, b
2034-03-03 1110LT Arrogant Oopsing Independently and privately, Syd and Fong both decide it's a good idea to connect to Yutu.

Fong threatens the AI with death and destruction. He ends the rather one sided conversation happy that he has a real advantage over Yutu.

Syd attempts to stealthily manipulate the AI's systems in

Data for Category:Characters stored in Special:CargoTables/CHARACTER with the Form:Character Sheet and Template:Character Sheet

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