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Bo Daniels

Aliases: #REDIRECT [[Bo Sanchez]]



High Concept: I was born to save the galaxy, I'm just waiting for my chance
Trouble: Stupid is as stupid does
  • Master of Splody: Bo loves to make [things go] boom-boom. Whenever there's a chance to break or explode something, Bo will be the one holding the detonator
  • Grunt: As cannon fodder, Bo has had thorough training in typical grunt things like conventional weapons, hand to hand combat and marching up and down the square. He's no expert in any particular weapons but deadly enough with any and certainly well beyond civilian level
  • Ready, Shoot, Aim: Planning never solved anything and Bo believes action is *always* a better answer
  • Frustrated Saviour: Ready, willing, and able to be a hero but find myself schlepping like a schmo and where's the glory in that?
Fate Points
Refresh: 3 Current Total 3
Careful Clever Flashy Forceful Quick Sneaky
+1 -1 +2 +4 +3 0
Sophant Characteristics
  • Human, "Space Ranger"
  • Action Hero: Bo knows he was born to save the galaxy.... well, maybe someday. When the opportunity presents itself to act like an action hero, Bo will be THE guy he knows in his heart of hearts that he was born to be. He gets +2 to Flashily attack in his particular milieu
Magic: Spells and Powers
Augmentation: Genetic and Cybernetic
  • AR Haptic Suit (Advanced) (2R) {10R/8L}: This skinsuit is sleek enough to be worn under normal clothes and may not be noticed until the head is enveloped. It provides full-body touch and force feedback sensation to the wearer. It is worn by the user, allowing the wearer to interact with the real world and virtual world. Advanced AR suits are expensive, requiring some wealth or serious savings, like a luxury car. Made of artificial muscles, sensors, and haptic sensation generators, advanced models can handle eating, excretion and sex. They can be worn for 24h without side effects. It can isolate a person into a full VR environment with audio, visual, and haptic experiences. +1 to actions in AR and VR. -1 Hacking and Metamancy.
  • Enhanced Script Kiddie {2R}: +1 to [choose 1 approach] using prefab scripts.
  • Enhanced Metamancer {6R}: +1 to [choose up to 3 approaches] when manipulating the gestalt.
  • Enhanced Hacker {2R}: +1 to [choose 1 approach] when hacking.
  • Cost {8L}: This is a very expensive machine that causes 8FS to pay for. If this stress is taken as a consequence use Significant Debt: Unless a HF is active, paying off this debt must include in game narrative action.
Damage Resistance and Healing
  • Light body armour
  • Helmet
  • Light rifle
  • 3 Flash grenades
  • Flash Gordon Cosfight suit
  • Thor Cosfight suit
Stress: Mental Max 3 Stress: Physical Max 3
1 2 3 1 2 3
Consequences (Max 6)


Bo is the essential of all-american midwest maleness. Tall (6'3"), broad (250 lb), mildly stoned looking but broad smile and all the charisma that comes from being a local football star.


Bo was an all-state linebacker in Alabama before enlisting in the Space Corps. "I'm the best at defending the end zone and defending the Earth can't be so different". He isn't particularly great at anything in particular in the corps, with no special aptitude for being sneaky (way too big and friendly), or using precision/finesse (lacks the focus), but he makes up for this by having all the excitement of a puppy when it comes to doing good. Unfortunately, in the corps, this gets you a lot of drinking buddies and a job as a glorified mall cop and porter. But he still dreams of the day when he'll get his chance to be a Space Ranger and save the galaxy with his bare fists. It's obvious to everyone but Bo that brains are not really his strong suit but he certainly has plenty of speed, strength, and willingness (eagerness) for fighting that makes him a good grunt, and an overqualified lunar porter.


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Data for Category:Characters stored in Special:CargoTables/CHARACTER with the Form:Character Sheet and Template:Character Sheet