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Location: Boeing Ultraviolet Research Facility
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UTC+5 / Eastern Time
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  • Bertha's Body
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The BURF facility has layers upon layers of secrets. The BURF facility had three main parts: a fusion reactor, the PAIL/VAIL labs, and a Control Centre with related offices and machinery. The Biodome is a separate facility that can be accessed from the BURF.

The BURF was obliterated by two 10Kt nuclear bombs about 15 minutes before the Tetras spawned.

Climate Change

Temperature Patterns

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Date Description Characters
Date Description Characters
2034-03-01 1145EST The enemy has a suitcase nuke (2034-03-01 11345EST / 2034-03-01 1645UTC / 2034-03-01 1645LT)

At this point:

  • Deke, Grace, Red, Jenkins, Kaleb, and Val are on the Ring 0 landing platform with the attackers. The platform is 50m x 50m square, 10m tall. It is carved into the side of the central pillar,
Abram Jenkins · Kendall Andrew Duclos · Kaleb Gomez · Jack Daniels · Miranda Bishop · Grace Heppener · Red Cooper · Deke Heppener · Valentine O'Connor · Ellen Oronyatekha · Homo Celestes · Director
2034-03-01 0900EST Miranda discovers Tetras are networked intelligences (2034-03-01 0900EST / 2034-03-01 1400UTC / 2034-03-01 1400LT) Miranda realized that Tetras don't have language as we know it because their nervous systems don't really end at the skin. Small packs working together behave like one distributed organism, not like several cooperative or social Miranda Bishop
2034-03-01 0900EST Kaleb invents Tetra Repellant (2034-03-01 0900EST / 2034-03-01 1400UTC / 2034-03-01 1400LT)

Kaleb, consulting with Miranda and others, invents three new technologies to make the environment hostile to Tetras. Two are not even lethal.

  1. No-O2 Fire Suppression: By activating fire suppression systems a
Kaleb Gomez · Miranda Bishop
2034-03-01 0900EST Droo Discovers Espionage Enhancements (2034-03-01 0900EST / 2034-03-01 1400UTC / 2034-03-01 1400LT) While in conversation with Gareth, Droo was able to activate one of his espionage enhancements. This rendered him effectively invisible from AR/VR overlays. Later, working with Ellen, he was reintroduced to the same kinds Kendall Andrew Duclos · Gareth Chow · Ellen Oronyatekha
2034-03-01 0230EST Clanks come together (2034-03-01 0230EST / 2034-03-01 0730UTC / 2034-03-01 0730LT)

Kaleb and Jade spend some time figuring out how to put a few failsafes into the Clanks that Jade has improvised.

Discussion copied here from Slack for reference.



  • recognize and avoid humans.
  • ar
Jack Daniels · Kaleb Gomez
2034-03-01 0206EST Becoming Celestes (2034-03-01 0206EST / 2034-03-01 0706UTC / 2034-03-01 0706LT)

Narrative: Chapter:0100


Back at 0702 UTC Deke and company display ZATS (Zombie Apocalypse Trigger Signals) so Miranda Moonscapes them. After they survive several minutes of hard vacuum and hard ra
Deke Heppener · Grace Heppener · Red Cooper · Abram Jenkins · Miranda Bishop · Gord Donney · Susan
2022 Droo appears in Halifax, with a fairly lurid, National-enquirer story that he was abducted by aliens. He gains some fame in the SETI-wingnut arms of society, but is generally relegated into therapy and the less reputable pages of the least reputable tabloids. The BURF AI becomes self aware Kendall Andrew Duclos · Bertha