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The United Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand or UCANZ is the result of a merger of the Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand. It is a country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, the formerly independent New Zealand, and numerous other smaller islands.

The UCANZ formed when a referendum vote overwhelmingly supported the addition of New Zealand as a seventh state of the Australian Commonwealth for mutual economic and geographic benefit. The unique culture of New Zealand was to be recognized and remain protected. This occurred several years prior to the expansion of the British New Commonwealth, and was modelled on the country-to-country relationships in the U.K. The UCANZ was invited to participate in the New Commonwealth but declined. They remain on friendly terms and have several trade agreements.

UCANZ is an officially neutral state, and that neutrality has been a catalyst for immigration of various groups whom have been disenfranchised from their country of origin.

Climate Change

Large immigrant cities such as New Syria have popped up in the former Outback, with populations comprised of local migrants fleeing sea level rise, and huge numbers of refugees and other immigrants.

Temperature Patterns

The Great Barrier Reef is dead due to temperature and acidity, except for experimental areas with genetically modified corals.

Precipitation Patterns

Increased rainfall in the Outback has shifted airable land patterns.

Sea Level

+92cm. This has caused significant coastal flooding and re-engineering of many cities. It has also driven migration inland to the much more habitable Outback.


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Date Description Characters
2034-03-01 0200 UTC (2034-02-28 2100 EST) As the first major population centre to experience the Spawning, Syndey was completely unprepared for the Tetras manifesting everywhere. The initial rumours settled on Tetras being the product of a bizarre gengineering project. When Papua New Guinea and [[J Tetras · Deke Heppener · Kendall Andrew Duclos · Jack Daniels · Kaleb Gomez · Miranda Bishop · Ralston St. John Hereford · Abram Jenkins · Valentine O'Connor · Red Cooper · Grace Heppener
2029-09-09 0000EST Simon and Leah Divorce Simon Chang and Leah Sanderson divorce over their diverging views of the transhumanist future. Simon · Leah