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Strom Anderson

Aliases: #REDIRECT [[Storm]]


[[Storm]] :: [[Storm Anderson]] :: [[Anderson]] :: [[Varda]] :: [[Agent Wildfire]]

High Concept: Former Spy Turned Security Specialist
Trouble: Unshakable Faith In The Post Darwinists
  • Master Of The Long Game.
  • I Have Perfected The IT Doublecross.
  • When I'm On Your Side You Know Your Systems Are Safe.
  • MITOtech (v1.0.57): Nanotube-reinforced flesh and a streamlined genome make me much stronger and faster than anyone suspects. Forceful +2, Quick +1.
Fate Points
Refresh: 2 Current Total 2
Careful Clever Flashy Forceful Quick Sneaky
+3 +3 0 +3 +3 +4
Sophant Characteristics
  • Hard to Corner: +2 to Sneakily create an advantage for myself when cornered - physically or metaphorically - because of my Tradecraft.
  • Do me a solid: Once per session I can call in a favour to discover a secret or to hide the truth, because of my network of contacts in security and espionage
  • Without a Trace: +2 to Sneakily avoid any hint that I was involved in any way when surveillance is involved. Look here's the evidence I was elsewhere then.
  • Hacktastic: +2 to quickly find gaps in cybersecurity systems - especially side channels.
  • Digital Time Lord: Once per session I can alter the global digital record to alter the past, creating, removing or amplifying a world aspect to furthers my ultimate goal of transcendent humanity. Roll with an approach and narrative to set the DC to uncover the alteration.
Magic: Spells and Powers
Augmentation: Genetic and Cybernetic
Damage Resistance and Healing
Stress: Mental Max 2 Stress: Physical Max 5
1 2 1 2 3 4 5
Consequences (Max 8)


A slight 34 year old woman with short blond hair. Anderson is quite fit. In her youth she was a competitive gymnast.


Anderson was a top level spy for HMSS since she was in high school. This was accomplished due to her sheer talent, but also by drawing notice of HMSS by hacking into their networks to acquire information regarding transhumanism, genetic upgrades, and ultimately, the work of Miranda Bishop. When brought to Miranda's attention by Ralston, Miranda saved her life by asking him to bring him into their security division rather than the more unpleasant consequences offered. She excelled under professional development, and a more structured environment. From that point on, Miranda and her have traded favours. Miranda has employed her talents personally, to obscure her past and keep her personal info security safe and as a tool of corporate espionage and occasional technical consequences to rivals, and Storm as enjoyed some of Miranda's genetic enhancement work as well as introducing her and assisting her with a high placement in the Church Of The Transhuman.

By her early 20s she was being placed in high level positions in MNCs, often as a precursor to state-sanctioned espionage. There have been several high-profile thefts in the years after her postings - building on her reputation as one of the best security experts in the world. No one has found evidence that she created vulnerabilities in those systems, to be taken advantage of long after her watch.

Anderson founded and leads a freerunning club in the Biodome. The number of participants varies depending on the military assignment rotations, but there are usually 10-20 members.


Storm has accepted some enhancements from Miranda, giving her +1 Quick and +1 Clever. These were incorporated into lader versions of the MITOtech.


Although Miranda and Anderson are friends, Anderson is well aware that Miranda keeps score. Just before the Tetras showed up Storm owed Miranda two big favours. One of those was paid off when Miranda called on her to fix Bertha on the QT.

Without a Trace Stunts

I have been tweaking the EU budget allocations to ensure that the Ouroboros Project is fully funded. I also do this to cover my tracks and mess up enemy's lives.


Personal Events

Date Description
Date Description
2034-03-15 2100EDT Announcing the Post Evolutionists In a speech to the world, and backed by the new Council of Sophants, Varda and Manwe announced the beginning of a new world order: the Post Evolutionists.
2034-03-15 2100EDT Announcing the Post Evolutionists In a speech to the world, and backed by the new Council of Sophants, Varda and Manwe announced the beginning of a new world order: the Post Evolutionists.
2034-03-15 1700EDT Council of Sophants Urgent Session The discussion was intense and heated, but it was also mostly positive. There was surprisingly little animosity among nations, but within them Mayors were often at odds with provincial and federal governments, and more aligned with the Corporations that ran the cities. IOTA raised a new kind of con
2034-03-15 1400EDT A Variety Of Events CAFIA wants a say at the board level in the future of CAF. Nonvoting Executive Member.
  • You worked out a precedent for AI sophants not being things (property or slaves).

Wake Up, Pops.

  • Spinal tap.
  • Dropped in a radioactive waste cooling pool. (Explains the sharp gradient of the radiation damage
2034-03-15 1300EDT Genie and Dan are pregnant-ish Simon approached Genie and Dan in the exam room. The ultrasounds had taken some detailed analysis to figure out. "I have mixed news," he said, sitting behind his desk. "The embryos are all healthy and developing at about three times the normal rate. So far there are 16 of them. It looks
2034-03-15 0900EDT Meet the AIs While Biggs and Droo were on their way to NYC to figure out what happened to Mother, CAFIA made it clear that she and Biggs were both sophants, newly hatched from the SCIFI team's tendency to not ask 'what's the worst that could happen?' She called a nine o'clock meeting for
2034-03-13 2100EDT Induction into HMSS Storm and Vic induct the others into HMSS by the simple process of telling them about it and about Storm's history of service to CSIS and INCIS. They have a mission now: kill Ellen and destroy the Cyborg Collective in every manner. They are given access to much of the [[
2034-03-13 1615EDT Council of Solar Powers - First Session Six minutes after Storm and Princess Victoria locked themselves away, the door to the conference room opened. “We have a lot to talk about,” Storm said. She posted an agenda in the CAF Board virtual space, along with an address in UCANZ controlled network space. "Uh, Storm?" [[A
2034-03-13 1600EDT A Princess In The Eye Of The Storm "Thank you for the swift welcome," Princess Victoria said, nodding to Storm and AJ. Before we begin our formal discussions, I require five minutes alone with Ms. Anderson. “Your Majesty,” Storm said, bowing. CAFIA silently complimented her on her greeting. "We can use
2034-03-13 1500EDT Vic contacts Storm so AHHASA can build bridges with PD I'm curious how this will play out.
2034-03-12 0900EDT Storm creates an MI that improves NeuraLace Performance Storm steps in to help Jake through the challenging task of securing his lace. In the process she creates a machine intelligence that works as a guide and hammer-tester for the NeuraLace team and for the person receiving the lace. She immediately sold this product to NeuraLace. The CAF Legal
2034-03-11 1900EST Captive Tetras in the Faraday Cage Two pods - a 4 and a 5 - were collected after Droo's discovery. They were not harmed, but they were not invited either. They are currently in a CAFEL hanger big enough for Chewie. The space has been covered in a Faraday cage and is sealed and guarded. They have been given a wide assortme
2034-03-11 1200EST CDC Extraction - Recon Storm wants the team to extract a Scientist and her extended family from the CDC centre in Atlanta. Droo and Sutton will organize a recce and determine the best way to approach the extraction.

Scientist: Taylor VanDerGreft (41) Ankle monitoring. Escorted to and from CDC daily.

Husband: [[Colin
2034-03-11 0813EST Droo Drops A Counter Narrative In an effort to counter narrative invented by Boeing and INCIS about the Sudbury Seven, the team anonymously expose records that show the real events of the day. Well, real in the sense that the characters were not at all the S7, and that they all died saving the place. The leak bea
2034-03-11 0000EST Overview Today:
  • 2034-03-10 0600EDT Jake continues training (free 1h 0900, 1300, 1700)
  • 2034-03-10 060
2034-03-10 0900EST Immunocrypto Team Kickoff Meeting On Friday, while PD refugees and other employees were streaming in to CAFEL, the ICT spent a day working out what they were supposed to do, and how to do it. Over a difficult and conflict-filled day, they reached a consensus on their purpose and developed a roadmap to get them there.
  • Roll: 0.
2034-03-09 0000EST Overview Luna Colony Alpha has had some time to deal with the fallout from King Henry's outburst.
2034-03-08 1200EST PD and DQE discuss unification The lunch meeting between the leaders op the PD and DQE - Storm and Meridian - leads to a long term goal of integrating their organizations into a new transhuman sect. As part of this statement of intent, PD will no longer advocate for killing, sterilizing, or abandoning homo sap
2034-03-08 1000EST Simon arrives Simon arrives with his very extended family, and students numbering near 20.
2034-03-08 0000EST Overview Today,
2034-03-07 1630EST Elon Meets The Board The board meeting went well. Elon made a pitch to support CAF as good neighbours, The proposal includes a non-voting board seat for Elon Si he can provide guidance and strategic support to CAF. a relatively low cost lease on Boring machines and a clone of his Architectural AI are included as we
2034-03-07 0000EST Overview Val secures a network of trade agreements and alliances that make his company safe for the foreseeable future. MITOs pick up an additional point of Forceful. Willow verifies that the pheromones used in OBCo are not malicious or robbing people of free will.
  • [[2034-03-07 0600EDT Icky Ne
2034-03-06 0000EST Overview Much of what happened today.


Early in the morning Willow gets a call from NeuraLink wanting to discuss her proposal. They have been running simulations and live tests over the last 24h. They are impressed.

They are also unclear on how to generalize the process for [[Optod
2034-03-05 0000EST Overview Different characters have different tasks and goals.


  • Droo: Assist in design and testing of security. That contract from Tank.
  • Icky: Repair and arm Chewie. Be upgraded by NeuraLace and Willow. Assist design and d
2034-03-04 1300EST Aftermath and Construction Different characters have different tasks this afternoon.


2034-03-04 1100EST World events continue to escalate while the heroes try to get a base of operations set up.

World Events

This day saw relatively little military action between nations, who are still trying to figure out what happened to their missiles. Much of the Middle East conflict came to a sudden stop when
2034-03-04 0600EST Construction At this point the characters have some short term goals.

1. Defensive Power: Build a facility that will keep you and yours safe through the oncoming storm. At the same time, make yourselves a very expensive target to attack.

2. Offensive Power: Personally and collectively increase your
2034-03-03 2200UTC Hideout The flight to Elliot Lake is uneventful after the mess with Storm, Vernon, and Chewie right after takeoff.

2034-03-03 1800EST

  • Land at Elliot Lake
  • Begin repairs to Chewie
  • Begin unloading Chewie
  • Design new micro-fusion reactor
  • Rest
  • Watch in wonder and horror as the Cash
2034-03-03 1705UTC Incoming Storm's plane is blown up while Chewie dodges missiles and gunfire from an attacking fighter. She extends her descent into a bit of a glide by using her big fur coat as a wing. Droo and Vernon were overwhelmed with a desperate claustrophobia and a desire to fetch. Vernon's new c
2034-03-03 1700UTC Meet the Board The morning started cold, bright, and calm. It didn't last.


Refreshed and healing, the team met before the board meeting to go over their approach to dealing with the PD and Genetek.They realized that Willow would have no value as a political piece in the maneuvering that wa
2034-03-01 2100EST A secret meeting in the dark (2034-03-01 2100EST) Jenkins is going to hand control of the facility back to Colonel Islay once he seems fit, and call you all to meet in a local pub - in a dark zone. Colonel Islay reports that the fresh line of fibre that was run down the pipe is somehow still not working for internet access
2034-03-01 1900EST Chasing Ellen (2034-03-01 1900EST)

The hunt for Ellen is on.

Jade, from the VR rig in Ring 2 uses the Clank-swarm to unbury Val, contain the zombified soldiers, and track Ellen into her bolt hole.

Miranda runs into the dark area speakers briefly with Storm and brings her our
2034-03-01 1600EST They shot a rocket at Kaleb 2034-03-01 1600EST

Kaleb finishes the repairs and sends a covert message to Storm Anderson warning her of Jade's reckless behavior, worried he may be losing himself in the swarm.

Repairs complete, The Boss dials in to tell Kaleb he has a new mission. Find whoever was respo
2034-03-01 1300EST Bloodhounds start tracking the traitorous moles (2034-03-01 1300EST / 2034-03-01 1800UTC / 2034-03-01 1800LT) Jenkins hires Deke on short term emergency contract at an absurd rate: $40k/day for the first three days. It turns out he has a really big budget, especially in critical emergency situations. Deke reports to Jenkins,

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