2034-03-15 1812EDT Run For It

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Event: 2034-03-15 1812EDT Run For It

Scenario: Family

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Characters Locations
Shadows, Willow, Sutton, Droo, Jake, Genie, Dan, AJ, Taylor Olavsvern Naval Base
  • Absurdly rapid technological development
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Local Time: 2312h UTC+1

Summaries from different character perspectives.


We opened the session with 10,000 Splodyrats (tm) and 1,000 Terminators headed towards our cadre of heroes near the drop point. Q hacked into the rats and handed the keys over to the clanks. It explained that the security was very weak and the hardware was limited, so there was no way to keep control for long. Shadows would take them back soon.

Jake/Clank took the opportunity to make a Flashy counter attack: he sent the rats back to the Terminators. This was quite successful. The rats neatly executed half-twisting back rolls to reverse course, ten 'rats surrounding each Terminator. They stood, pointed at their targets, then exploded in impressive synchronicity. It was like watching the fountains at the Bellagio, but with fire, screaming shrapnel, and destruction.

Sadly, Shadows wrested control of the 'rats back, but not before 80% of the attackers were destroyed.

Meanwhile, Willow suggested that AJ aim his "portable holes" downwards, to take out Shadows brain directly. It turned out that the gun refused to tilt more than 3° down. This isn't so much of a bug as a feature implemented to try to keep someone from directly converting the Earth to energy by shooting the core. It's the next word in smart guns--wise guns.

In the tunnel Sutton and crew had 30 seconds left until the superheated steam and motlen rock come rocketing out of the borehole from the beam weapon. They need to get some more distance or they will get fried, so there's some time pressure to get down the tunnel.


Droo has found out that there Shadows has figured out how to see him and he's struggling with his own personal edition of "how not to be seen", which is quite new to him.

Meanwhile, Droo went screaming down an empty corridor to scout, and upon zipping around the first corner, found the most impressive array of quickly cobbled 'Fuck, there's an invisible man in my sanctum sanctorum, how do i find him quickly?' equipment he's ever imagined - IR laser eyes, smoky fog ...

Drawing a page from "Up", he's enlisted the help of the clanks to provide a distracting number of Squirrels to Shadow's Dug-like mind, only to become REALLY embarrassed about his initial panic about Shadow's firewall. He discovers that Shadow's approach to information security is to purchase it from Best Buy and figure that'll last for as long he expects to be here.

He hacked in and synthesized some false inputs, using the distraction of fake Sploderrats (tm) to keep Shadows's attention while he hacked

and then - in a very standard Vogel-style overreaction, took advantage of Jake's ongoing clankfu/sploderat interventions to pound false inputs into Shadows from enough locations to confuse him as to which locations are actually empty,a nd which are fake .. AND send inky black 'I am finding you' darkness back at Shadows in a metaphor which is going to feel uncomfortable familiar for our wanna be fledgling god.

As the scene ended, a rainy fog was closing in on the area, apparently chock full of radio transmissions that shouldn't be there (as opposed to the usual light jazz transmissions that accompany most storms :wink: )

While this is happening, Sutton, through careful observation, has noted some very useful patterns in Shadow's behaviour - we've been made aware that it seems that "Gods Don't Sweat The Small Stuff"

And 200 terminators and 2000 Sploderrats were converging on the Jake-clank and Willow

when he last left Norway, he was just a small storm, lacking in the deep bass required for a truly impressive thunderstorm, and without the strength to really pull a solid windstorm.

Willow was busy trying to bankshot and multi-kill terminators with her gun (despite it not pointing very *down*) but it seems a futile effort

now he's returned, and the thunder is crashing and the wind is howling, and most observers agree that if he can just learn a little more control over the cyclonic tendencies of some of his pockets of wind, this guy could be a class A contender for 'End of the World' storm, and is definitely someone to keep an I on.

i think i might need to get out into the cloud of air support and see what small details he missed there that will allow one of you guys to reap death and destruction on the incoming air support.

The clanks have been studying the termi-rubble for clues of what they could do (since all they've really done so far is walk in a menacing way) and to look for vulnerabilities for physical or cyber attacks


To some extent I'm not a fan of the huge approach bonuses with tiny rolls, but last night that all worked really well. You all worked together really well, had some good luck, and made a difference. Shadows hasn't lost any points of approach yet, but it has stopped its growing exponentially. That's a big advance right there.

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