2034-03-15 1811EDT Find Alternate Passage

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Event: 2034-03-15 1811EDT Find Alternate Passage

Scenario: Family

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Characters Locations
Droo, AJ, Shadows, Sutton, Genie, Dan Olavsvern Naval Base
  • Absurdly rapid technological innovation
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On This Day
Droo heard Google's warning and took off, flying through the scorching wind and glowing tunnel in the blink of an eye. Vernon complained about the heat, but was through the hellish glow fast enough to avoid damage. A hundred metres more down the seaway tunnel there was a corrodor to the south. According to the map B had supplied, it lead past another West-East corrodor and then connected to the main passage toward Shadows' brain. Silent, invisible, and near the ceiling, he paused to scan the hall.
Olavsvern Naval Base Supergun Correction.jpeg

°°Machine gun nest at the intersection,°° AJ said quietly over the Clanknet. Droo focussed on the sonic landscape. AJ was directly below him.

°°Fuck this,°° Droo thought back at him. °°How did you follow me?°°

°°I didn't know you survived that blast,°° AJ said, °°let alone where you are. I'm fast and they've had trouble targeting me so far.°°

Droo's paranoia faded a little. °°I see it. I'll go--°°

The turret snapped in their direction, opening fire as it turned. Instead of hearing bullets ricochet off the stone and concrete walls, they saw pockets of the wall behind them erupt outward. It was firing through hundreds of metres of stone without effort.

AJ flared blue and vanished as Droo dodged past what he hoped was the gun's firing range. A voicemail appeared on his phone.

°°I'm moving fast enough to see these 'bullets' move. Don't get near them. They look like weirdly reflective marbles and they leave a trail of blue light in the air behind them. I'm going for the gun.°°

By the time the message played back, AJ was standing in the corrodor, holding a large, strange gun. The barrel was an ellipsoid nearly two metres long and 40cm thick at the centre. It was attached to a sort of handlebar mount. AJ carried it easily in one hand, but that didn't tell Droo anything about how massive the thing was. His sonar told him that it was empty space - a void that did not reflect sound. Coming closer, he could see that there was no real 'surface' to the thing. It looked like a mesh of thousands of fine silver wires in a complex three dimensional matrix. The centre of the gun, where the mount was attached, seemed to contain a black sphere - but it could have been the thin wires increasing in density.

Droo allowed himself to flicker into visibility for a moment. "The hell is that?" he asked, then flicked himself a few metres to the side.

"No idea," AJ said, "but when I push the button it spits out a bullet that penetrates anything." A chittering, scraping sound rose up to the east of them. °°Sutton, time to move. I'll provide some cover. Expect bad things.°° He pulled the gun into the hallway, grunting with effort to start it moving, and again to stop it once he was out of the line of fire of any conventional weapons. It spun effortlessly on it's axis when AJ swung it around to point at the sounds. "Can you call my shots?"

°°Got it.°° Droo took cover too, but peeked around the corner from five metres up. A horde of Terminators skittered out of a machine bay about 150m to the east. °°Now would be good.°° AJ pressed the button and Droo's magnetic senses went haywire. The weapon was generating a massive magnetic field. It made him dizzy. He tried to send a radio message to AJ, but found he could not. "Sweep from 11 o'clock to 1," Droo said. "That thing is messing up my radio."

At first he didn't see any evidence of the weapon at work, but as AJ swivelled it back and forth the destruction became apparent. The enemy robots were shuddering and crumpling by the thousands, with gaping wounds torn through their mechanical bodies.

"I don't see the blue glow," Droo said.

"Neither do I," AJ said, as Dan and Genie arrived at their position. The rest of the Celestes soldiers were close behind, firing on terminators that made it past AJ's supergun. They didn't pause when they rounded the corner, charging forward to cover the next intersection. Gunfire and explosions followed immediately as they engaged with terminators moving in from the east.

"We have about 90 seconds to get out," Sutton said. "Move."

"I'll catch up," AJ said.

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