2034-03-15 1807EDT Mycophage

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Event: 2034-03-15 1807EDT Mycophage

Scenario: Family

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Characters Locations
Taylor, Willow, ABC Team, Jake, Google Olavsvern Naval Base
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Taylor created an anti-fungal vector in the form of a weaponized mycovirus that can be printed in labs around the world. This feat took the combined effort of Taylor, Willow, the ABC Team, Jake, and several AIs. There were a LOT of rolls. Many advantages were created:

  • ABC Team: Fully characterized mycoviruses.
  • Willow: Infect all the things with ubervirulent deathstructions (infecting entire populations).
  • Willow: Blood Hat - The genome of the vector looks like innocuous junk DNA to the mould's internal defences - white noise, as it were. Through a series of decryption stages in the mould cell, the sequence turns into RNA that reproduces the virus. Even it the cell can kill off the virus spores in itself, it can't find the DNA - it's OWN DNA - that is producing the spores.
  • Jake: Distributed widespread networked computational/consciousness addition to CAF resources'. Clanks all over the world went inert as their resources were devoted to a monster DNA-protein folding exercise directed by Willow and Taylor. Just enough resources were left to maintain their communications to Jake, who felt very strange. As a huge portion of his 'brain' were suddenly brought online and directed to think about something he doesn't actually comprehend, he fell to muttering with a far off look. "So strange. Like reading a textbook I haven't learned yet." As a major hub node in the Clanknet, this multitasking was a huge resource draw on Jake's attention. He became fully consumed in the work, with no line between 'Jake' and 'Clank' anymore. Jake is the kernel of sentience but they are now more than that human body in the entity known as Jake.

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