2034-03-15 1805EDT Mountain Assault

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Event: 2034-03-15 1805EDT Mountain Assault

Scenario: Family

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Sutton, AJ, Genie, Dan, Droo, Jake, Willow Olavsvern Naval Base
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The HC² and 288 HC assault on the mountain was costly, even for super-soldiers with a slowest running speed of 40km/h. 13 died on the way up, caught by heavy machine gun fire, mortar shells, and various robotic attackers. This left 275 to assault the base.

The four HC2 showed their extraordinary capacities in this fight. Dan took a lot of fire – always soaking damage that his companions could not, and never caught off guard. Genie called out plays with insane brilliance, anticipating enemy action and positioning soldiers to meet threats they had not sensed yet. AJ used his speed to make himself much harder to hit and to do more damage. He found that he could confuse the drones into ignoring him by going fast enough to shift his spectrum out of a normal range. Sutton was effective at pounding his way through enemy combat drones, but unlike the soldiers under his command he seemed almost lazy. He was able to anticipate enemy action and carefully plan his attacks, where other HCs rushed in, relying on main strength and speed to get the job done. He didn't even use his super powers.

Between them the four were an amazing force multiplier. The death toll would have been ten times worse if not for their efforts.

Willow saw Sutton and his troops storming Mt Mordor, Jade's clanks disintegrating, Droo... Droo is completely fine as usual, but they rest need me. She realized that they were relying on her, and that she had come to rely on them.

Intellectually she knew she was experiencing a sense of belonging. This is what family means to people who didn't have to kill their way out of abuse, she thought. She had always known that these emotions existed, and was quite skilled at manipulating them in others. This was her first visceral experience of them in herself.

She could see the most heroic man she'd ever met tearing into the enemy alongside his best friend - a brother, really - his daughter, and her man. They are a family. She shuddered, struggling to breathe against the weight of new emotions. "They are my family," she whispered.

When she said the words out loud a switch flipped in her head. The agony of emotion flared through vicious rage against the enemy, then settled into a cold wrath. It was not the same as the calculated lust for power and control that had driven her before, but the feelings were close neighbours. She settled into it, feeling calm and focused for the first time in weeks. She imagined that Shadows was like she used to be: solitary, surrounded by lesser creatures to be used and discarded, eager to understand the rules of the world. She knew that mindset all too well, and for the first time understood how it felt so dangerous, so heartless, so...inhuman. No wonder they're not ready for jokes from me, she thought.

Willow looked around, and realized she'd automatically laid out her weapons and positioned herself to provide covering fire for the ABC Team and the soldiers protecting them.

After cutting cables, Droo joined the HCs on the way in through the gun.

  • 275/288 HC
  • 4/4 HC²
  • 3/3 Droo
  • 990/1000 Clanks

The first battery units in the Vantablack armour started to show failure alerts. On the way into the big gun the soldiers pulled each other's power-packs. They left them as a 'gift' for anyone following them in from outside, along with proximity grenades.

Droo scouted ahead, clearing out opposition by creative use of grenades. This cleared a path for the rest to make it through the gun base and into the main base.

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