2034-03-15 1801EDT Mould and Cables

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Event: 2034-03-15 1801EDT Mould and Cables

Scenario: Family

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Characters Locations
Taylor, Droo, CAFIA Olavsvern Naval Base
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Taylor sent everyone a high priority transmission as soon as she was free of the disintegrating foam. "Almost all your equipment is going to break down in the next 15 minutes. We have a mould that eats plastics."

CAFIA chimed in. "Initial analysis is that batteries will die first if exposed to this thing. We estimate that Vantablack armour will lose battery power in five to ten minutes, potentially explosively. Most firearms should continue to function."

"We're working on this thing now, but it's highly engineered," Taylor said. "Shit. It has eight base pairs." Her channel clicked off.

(The ABC Team, Willow, Jake, and Google all threw in to help her. See 1807 for details on her attempt to find a counter agent.)

Droo burned some energy cutting undersea cables to help contain Shadows.

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