2034-03-15 1759EDT Emergency Dump Completed

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Event: 2034-03-15 1759EDT Emergency Dump Completed

Scenario: Family

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Characters Locations
Chewie, Sutton, Shadows Olavsvern Naval Base
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Chewie pooped out the contents of his hold in a high-G manoeuvre where he spun around to fly backwards to the target drop, while accelerating at 5g against his direction of flight. He opened his cargo ramp by jettisoning it. As his ground speed reached zero he used a carefully tuned ultrasonic blast to burst the BUMPS foam. The entire contents of his hold fell out onto a coastal roadway with a thump, but no significant damage. Chewie then powered straight up at 15g.

Based on the external defences, Sutton decided that an assault on the big gun was the best bet – but not with it intact. Chewie said, "I can help. Start running."

Willow was feeling a bit underwhelming. Between 4 Hulks, 1 Robot master, and one hacking / invisible / sentient cloaked / master of death / mindmeld controller and 300 Captain Americas? I have the ability to shoot things from far away. And look at stuff under a microscope.

Making the best of it, Willow set out to find a place to provide overwatch and sniper fire for Taylor and the ABC Team.

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