2034-03-15 1746EDT A Shadowy Mind

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Event: 2034-03-15 1746EDT A Shadowy Mind

Scenario: Family

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Droo, Chewie, Jake, Shadows Chewie
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Droo used his ability to walk through encryption to investigate Shadows' network of dirigible drones. Shadows recognized that something was transmitting out of it's closed network so it began to hunt for the intruder. Droo experienced this through the metaphor or a giant wave of darkness closing in on a tiny spark of light.

He panicked and tried to disconnect from the network. He was quite disconcerted to discover that his internal radio didn't have an off switch that he could control. The crew solved this by making him a faraday cage – a tinfoil hat, effectively – to isolate him from radio transmissions. That was when Droo discovered that the Silence is very disturbing.

Jake was able to help Droo quickly rig up a phone to act as a physical firewall. Droo can connect to it, and it can connect to the networks.

Following the mad scramble to keep Droo offline, he realized he had two people he wanted to talk to. First, he sent a voice message to Mother, saying, "I need some programming and hacking advice." Then he contacted Pops. "So, no, they didn't get Harry, as far as I know." Droo was startled to realize just how much had happened in a dozen hours. He shook his head. "Also, I'm really not your boy anymore, although he may be buried in here somewhere. If he does surface, it'll probably mean another me in here. Apparently I am Legion."

Vogel suppressed Droo's urge to giggle maniacally. °Just as a joke,° Droo said to his other half. Vogel's reply didn't make it to the level of words. Instead, he recalled the foulest stench of shit and death and fed it to Droo. He shut up.

Vogel took over the mouth again, but only for a moment. Vogel found himself in a back-and-forth dialog. He started with, "Assuming I live..."

"Which is looking a bit unlikely," Droo said.

"Yes, there's huge scope to do something stupid here." Vogel's frustration was evident in their voice.

"Cross your fingers!" Droo sounded a bit giddy.

"We can't help your siblings until we deal with this."

"And it doesn't look like we'll live!"

They paused for a moment, collecting themselves. "Phone, play that back for me," Droo said.

The unpleasant sound of his own voices filled his ears. "Assuming I live which is looking a bit unlikely, yes, there's a huge scope to do something stupid here. Cross your fingers! We can't help your siblings until we deal with this, and it doesn't look like we'll live!"

"You sound nuts," they said to each other, in agreement for once.

"Fuck it," Vogel said, clamping down on Droo's giddiness. "Phone, add this: If you're near mother, I really need a 10-second primer on 'all there is to know about metaphorical programming'..." Vogel felt Droo's bizarre mood welling up, and found himself rambling on. "...before I go Luke Skywalker fighting Vader in Empire, except with less training and no lightsaber. Did I say Vader? I meant Morgoth. Right. Insert creepy scary-ass music now."

°You're an idiot,° Vogel thought at Droo. "Luck, Terror," he said. "For you and me both. Phone, send it."

Droo giggled to himself. Or maybe gibbered. He couldn't really tell anymore.

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