2034-03-15 1745EDT Chewie is fired on

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Event: 2034-03-15 1745EDT Chewie is fired on

Scenario: Family

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Characters Locations
Chewie, Willow, Sutton, Genie, Dan, AJ, Droo, Jake, Taylor North Atlantic

Olavsvern Naval Base


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On This Day

The attack was a surprise to everyone on board. Chewie dodged most of the damage, but had to work hard, including using the BUMPS to stabilize the passengers.

The entire CAF Board were in the Council of Sophants meeting, but six of them were physically in Chewie. Willow, Sutton, AJ, Genie, and Dan froze in place and throbbed red. Droo and Jake looked startled, but were not frozen.

“What’s happening,” Storm demanded.

Droo looked surprised. “Chewie is taking heavy fire and dodging like crazy,” he said.

Chewie set off BUMPS,” Jake said. An image of the Chewie’s interior formed, showing hundreds of people immobilized in green foam. “We are approaching the North coast of Norway on our suborbital trajectory.”

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