2034-03-15 1700EDT Council of Sophants Urgent Session

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Event: 2034-03-15 1700EDT Council of Sophants Urgent Session

Scenario: Family

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AJ, Dan, Genie, Willow, Jake, King Harry, Storm, Sutton, Chewie CAFEL


Council of Sophants

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The discussion was intense and heated, but it was also mostly positive. There was surprisingly little animosity among nations, but within them Mayors were often at odds with provincial and federal governments, and more aligned with the Corporations that ran the cities.

IOTA raised a new kind of concern. “My physical body is the infrastructure of the eastern half of the US and a bit of Canada. I have automated everything that is not human services – medicine, arts, service industries and the like. The people who wish to return are welcome. I exist to serve and protect my inhabitants.”

Acting President [Name] took to the floor. “IOTA, the American people owe you a debt for ensuring we have homes to come back to, but you must understand that there is quite a lot of concern over living inside another intelligence. What happens when someone pisses you off? What happens when the US Government disagrees with you?”

“I’m bigger than you," CAFIA said, "not better. The world we live in now is changing so quickly that we do no have the option of relying on laws as we once did. We must rely on principles, trust, and swift action by those who are capable.” She stood. “This world is also in grave danger. Even now, a substantial portion of my residents – my creators and partners and wards – are on their way to attend to a dangerous situation.” A globe appeared, zooming in on the region where Norway, Sweden, and Finland met. The rest of the globe was alive with sparkling light. That region was a sink of darkness. “What you are seeing is the absence of all network communications. Sporadic radio transmissions indicate that the human population is under attack.” As she spoke, the darkness took another bite out of the region.”

King Henry stood, his handsome face grave. “We have reason to believe that the new sophant AI called ‘Shadows’ is behind this, but we can not guarantee that or rule out other causes. INCIS did send resources to the region to find out more. As King I formally request mobilization of European military forces to investigate and engage with whatever is happening in the region.”

The leaders from the EU and nearby countries agreed almost immediately, and began issuing instructions to people who were not part of the CoS.

Willow was strapped into her seat in Chewie’s huge cargo hold, but her avatar was following the meeting with great interest. “Our intel indicated a possible grey-goo scenario. Who still has nukes?”

There was a long moment of stunned silence before a babble of voices erupted. She listened intently for a moment, then shook her head. “No one? Fine.” She turned to an alien ambassador – a Swarm calling itself ‘Honey’. “Can your people act to contain a world-eating microbe if that’s what we have here?”

Honey manifested a cartoonish bee with a human-ish face. “We can not. It will be days before we will have the power to operate the gravity lance and shield.”

The Norwegian Prime Minster stood, radiating anger. “You can not seriously suggest we bomb our own people!”

Willow stared at him coldly for a long moment. “I am a medical doctor, Prime Minister. If your kidney was cancerous and the only way to save your life is removing the organ what would you do? This is the same.“

He paled. “It can’t be that bad,” he said. “This AI – Shadows – became conscious in the last few days!”

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