2034-03-15 1400EDT A Variety Of Events

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Event: 2034-03-15 1400EDT A Variety Of Events

Scenario: Family

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Characters Locations
CAFIA, Willow, Sutton, Droo, Genie, Dan, Storm, Archie, Terry, Biggs, AJ CAFEL
Caused By Cause Of
On This Day

CAFIA wants a say at the board level in the future of CAF. Nonvoting Executive Member.

  • You worked out a precedent for AI sophants not being things (property or slaves).

Wake Up, Pops.

  • Spinal tap.
  • Dropped in a radioactive waste cooling pool. (Explains the sharp gradient of the radiation damage.)
  • Sent on a mission to deal with a potential grey-goo scenario at an abandoned Nazi base near the borders of Norway, Finland, and Sweden.
  • Found a rogue AI instead, but there was a lot more going on.
  • Archie: Seems like it could be Cyborg Collective action there - but not clear what side they might be on. Terry was sent out after INCIS was taken over and after she and the King isolated themselves from INCIS.
  • Archie told Droo that Terry tracked his location because INCIS was keeping tabs on him. Storm was an agent, and reported her location - until they fled from Saskatoon. After that she did not report in again. As far as you know there is no direct or obvious connection between the Sudbury Seven (and company) and CAFEL.

Biggs wants to be the ultimate interplanetary transport system, and it looks like he will be able to do it.

Genie and Dan are full-fledged transhumanists now. Sutton supports their decision to try to make a viable baby.

  • Their pregnancy is a Big Deal to the PDQE. Their child will be the first generation of Homo Celestes v3.0
  • Storm and Tardigrade have been making progress. 191 DQE loyalists are in danger where they are, and are going to be trickling in over the next few days. Almost 800 more remain in the field.

Sutton starts planning their mission to the Nazi base. Genie and Dan and AJ will go too. Jake will be taking Clanks on the mission, too.

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