2034-03-15 1300EDT Genie and Dan are pregnant-ish

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Event: 2034-03-15 1300EDT Genie and Dan are pregnant-ish

Scenario: Family

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Genie, Dan, Simon, Willow, Sutton, Storm, CAFIA CAFEL
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Simon approached Genie and Dan in the exam room. The ultrasounds had taken some detailed analysis to figure out. "I have mixed news," he said, sitting behind his desk. "The embryos are all healthy and developing at about three times the normal rate. So far there are 16 of them. It looks like each of them shed a cell before the end of the first day of development. That's before the cells start to differentiate, so they are all twins."

There was a long pause while Dan and Genie took this in. They held each other's hands hard enough to crush steel.

"Is there a way to stop this?" Dan asked. "The math is not good here."

"I want to be a mother, not a hive queen!" Genie looked a bit panicked.

"We have options," Simon said calmly. "The first is to use micro-bots to collect the embryos. We can do that safely and painlessly, and they are all small enough to be frozen of transferred to an artificial womb." He leaned back in his chair. "We would take the youngest two for a full genetic workup. That way we can assess the potential for more problems as they develop."

"Artificial..." Genie trailed off. "I wanted to give birth, not manufacture a baby."

Simon looked sad. "Genie, I'm not sure that was ever an option. Your body is incredibly strong. A baby, even a Celestes baby, may not be able to survive the birth canal."

"Jesus," Dan muttered. "That's not a pleasant thought."

Simon nodded. "We can also terminate these pregnancies."

"Hell, no," Genie said.

"I thought you might feel that way," Simon said, smiling.

Genie stood up. "Let's get them out and in a safe environment then," she said. "And we should talk to Storm and dad about this right away. This affects the future of Celestes."

Simon nodded. “CAFIA, can you get them here now?”

“Of course, Doctor.” CAFIA’s avatar was a little bluer than it had been at the meeting two hours before. “I took the liberty of informing them that they would be needed. They are approaching now. I have also invited Willow, as she is their physician.”

“We need to have a chat about that, CAFIA,” Storm said as she walked in. “I appreciate you anticipating our needs, but this is a bit too close to creepy.”

“Would you like me to stop assisting?” CAFIA asked primly.

Storm grunted. “Don’t be an ass.”

“I will add it to the To Do list, then,” CAFIA said.

Genie stood and walked over to her father. “Dad, this isn’t going to be a simple or easy pregnancy.”

They sat. Simon filled them in on what they knew, and what he proposed. “The safest option is to move the embryos into Womb-As. All my children were gestated that way for the same reasons: fine-grained access and control to manage their growth, and the opportunity to make corrections on the way. We won't be able to do that in vivo.

“The reality here is that the error in the genetic program of these embryos that is causing them to spawn new embryos daily is almost certainly not the only genetic issue we are going to encounter. On the other hand, we have a unique opportunity to make adjustments to the embryos, to ensure that your daughters develops into a healthy Homo Celestes.”

“This is not how I imagined motherhood,” Genie said flatly. “How many of my daughters are going to die along the way?”

“This may be hard to hear, Genie, but there is no good answer to that question.” Willow said. “The little bundles of cells we’re talking about are almost certain to not make it to term on their own.”

While Willow was speaking, Simon subvocalized a private message to her. “An unlimited supply of embryos is an unprecedented opportunity to tweak the systems and adjust the genetics to ensure a healthy child.”

Willow took in the message without pausing. “Right now you have a condition akin to a cancer. Masses of cells are multiplying rapidly, and without direct medical intervention it will kill you.” She could see the look of horror creeping across Sutton’s face as she spoke, which twisted her guts with anxiety for a moment. Disappointing him was horrifying, but in this case she knew she was right and that he was ignorant. “You may think I’m being harsh or insensitive Sutton, but I assure you I am not.” Her voice was hard, reminiscent of the Willow of old. “You all need to understand that this is not a pregnancy at this point. It is a terminal condition for Genie. What Simon has proposed will one hundred percent change that outcome for Genie.”

The others sat in somewhat stunned silence.

“I am sorry to be so blunt,” Willow said into the silence, “but this is time for plain talk.” She turned to Dan. “You and your partner haven’t produces a growing child – not yet.” She gestured to Genie’s midsection. “Right now the cells growing in there are an astonishing opportunity.”

Genie wiped a tear away with the back of her hand. “I hear you, Willow. I don’t like it, but that doesn’t matter, does it?”

“We are going to need a lot of intervention on the way, and there’s no guarantee that any single embryo will make it,” Simon said quietly. “On the other hand, there is every chance that we will have a viable baby growing in a few weeks.”

<<Stirring speech from Simon, convincing Genie that Transhumanism, as a cause, is where she can not only do the right thing, but build a family. Perhaps a little more literally than is usually meant by the phrase, but still.>>

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