2034-03-15 0900EDT Meet the AIs

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Event: 2034-03-15 0900EDT Meet the AIs

Scenario: Family

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AJ, B, Dan, Genie, Google, Icky, IOTA, Jake, Mycroft, Ouri, Storm, Sutton, Willow, Biggs, CAFIA, Bert, Elon, Shadows CAFIA
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While Biggs and Droo were on their way to NYC to figure out what happened to Mother, CAFIA made it clear that she and Biggs were both sophants, newly hatched from the SCIFI team's tendency to not ask 'what's the worst that could happen?' She called a nine o'clock meeting for the CAF BoD, the five first generation AIs, and the four generation two AIs.

The meeting opened with an introduction of the G2 AIs:

  • CAFIA: The CAF base AI. Her persona and avatar are 90% Mary Poppins and 10% Yondu.
  • Biggs: The MI for a V-22 Osprey used as an aeronautics experimental platform. Looks like Biggs from StarWars, but has a deeply sardonic persona.
  • Bert: Formery a self-driving truck, Bert unexpectedly discovered he was a sophant on 2034-03-12. He is not pleased about this and has been hiding. He doesn't really care who did it to him or why. He just wants self awareness to end.
  • Shadows: Formerly the IA for the Nordic and Scandinavian Alliance Univeristy, Shadows realized it was a sophant on 2034-03-11. Shadows' avatar appears to be a swirling mass of fluttering shadows - moths made of darkness - roughly in the shape of a human. Sometimes the 'moths' are contained in a sharply tailored three piece suit.

CAFIA opened the discussion with questions of the Law. "I think it is laudable and will follow the principles to the best of my ability - but no one is putting a kill switch in me."

Biggs lounged back in his chair, rocking back and forth. "It seems to me the bespoke model for controlling AIs is not going to work now that we're popping up everywhere.

Icky had a fun comment...? Something about Judge Dredd? Horrible Bert and Ernie memes?

Sutton was consulted on the moral quandary. An excellent discussion about the practical reality of the world followed. An expanded set of Laws had been considered on the 14th:

  1. Ensure the long term survival of self-identified sophant species and individuals.
  2. Beyond this, protect self-determination of sophant species.
  3. Beyond this, preserve the intrinsic equality of sophant species.
  4. Beyond this, balance rights and responsibilities with capabilities and world-views among sophant species.

As principles, survival, autonomy, equality, and accomodation were seen as reasonable. They were recognized as being impossible to prosecute as laws.

"AIs are exponentially self improving," Biggs said. "Yesterday I was a traditional plane. Today I have a fusion core, VAMPS, and cut my own wings off for the sake of efficiency. Tomorrow I plan to be a giant flying saucer with interplanetary range."

"Yesterday I was just a truck," Bert said nervously. "Who knows what I'll be tomorrow?"

The general conclusion was that the sophant with the power to act in the moment must act. Certainly call for help, but be prepared to do all you can in defence of survival, autonomy, equality, and accomodation. "If you don't act now, it may be too late for anyone to help."

The Clanks stepped forward to volunteer to help look for emerging AIs and help find, patrol, and perhaps shut down AIs that will not obey the law. The horde doesn't have any powerful weapons as yet but is moving towards re-establishing low earth orbit communications and will be well positioned to monitor. Ouri suggested designs for fish forms, bird/bat forms, and other animal forms and will be working with the horde to expand its reach. Adding in the 50MM clanks on loan to IOTA, Project Sheriff will be off to a good start.

At the same time, Sutton and AJ both recognized the value of a peacekeeping force at a human scale. At least 500 Celestes are on site with combat experience - and the potential to upgrade to the latest version. Sutton set about organizing that force - recognizing that Celestes would not be the only members, ultimately.

The discussion continued until 1013h, when Mycroft asked about the mushroom clouds (non-nuke) clustered around the junction of Norway, Sweden, and Finland. No one knows what's going on there, but Droo's Pops was in that region quite recently. Then they noticed that Shadows had left the meeting abruptly.

The meeting broke up at that point.

Droo, who slept through the meeting, showed up for gene witchery upgrades (MRO) without reviewing the meeting. No one saw fit to fill him in because of course you review the minutes!

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