2034-03-15 0600EDT Droo, Mother, and Pops

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Event: 2034-03-15 0600EDT Droo, Mother, and Pops

Scenario: Family

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Droo, Mother, Pops, Willow CAFEL
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On This Day

Landing, several very good rolls from Willow.

Pops stops melting. Mother stays sedated, though her arm is repaired rapidly with micro-surgical bots, nanowire meshes, and ultrasonic calipers (commonly called the sonic screwdriver).

There is more to copy here as raw material.

Willow also ensured that both mother and pops for kept under separate guard. Separated from each other and separated from Drew regardless of their consciousness state.

Will also placed a call to Val after both were stable. Val and her discussed the weapon that was used to fracture and destroy mother's ulna. Val made a roll and used a fate point to realize that the weapon was an experimental one that he had heard of. It uses resonating frequencies to the target a specific bone, organ, part of the anatomy or tissue and causes of hateful and painful stress to that particular body part. Val also remembered that this weapon was abandoned because it wasn't practical for the field as there were problems tuning the resonation. Val also confirmed that mother would have had to be strapped down and targeted with this weapon over at least a half an hour for this level of damage to occur.

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