2034-03-14 1900EDT SCIFI rework the Vernon Protocol

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Event: 2034-03-14 1900EDT SCIFI rework the Vernon Protocol

Scenario: Apocalypse Now

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With Willow going under the MRO Enhancement Process, the SCIFI team are immediately distracted by the new shiny. Instead of continuing to work on the MRO fundamentals, they turn to practical effects - such as Vernon and how his powers derive from the Celestial Four's version of the MRO. Considering the newly defined Inter-Cluster Protocol and Distributed Mind Protocol in this light, they choose a machine intelligence to focus on.

/roll 4f SCIFI Team MRO Investigation on the fourteenth DC-7 +4 Many Hands +6 Clever

+4 means success with style to create an aspect called 'we can build minds from MRO and silicon'.

They test this on Biggs, who is called off base on an emergency mission with Droo before anyone really bothers to mention what they were doing. Besides, they're too busy upgrading CAFIA. (They spent a fate point for the extra action.)

CAFIA takes to the integration fairly well. Unlike Biggs, her neural architecture was always supposed to integrate many specialist MIs. With the Vernon Protocol in place and a biological brain integrated into a silicon supercomputer...

(They got a +3 on that roll.)

Well, the number of AIs is on it's way up, is all.

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