2034-03-13 2100EDT Induction into HMSS

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Event: 2034-03-13 2100EDT Induction into HMSS

Scenario: Apocalypse Now

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AJ, Dan, Genie, Icky, Jake, Droo, Willow, Storm, Archie, Sutton CAFEL
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Storm and Archie induct the others into HMSS by the simple process of telling them about it and about Storm's history of service to CSIS and INCIS. They have a mission now: kill Ellen and destroy the Cyborg Collective in every manner.

They are given access to much of the Wildfire Archive as a starting point.

Team Reactions


Ok - So coming out of the meeting was interesting, but not shocking. The after meeting with Auntie Storm (I think Willow is always going to call her that from now on....) WAS shocking. Willow is still going over all the permutations in her mind, and not a small part of this will be "So, how much has Storm been MANAGING me all these years - nudging me here and there and reporting on me back to the powers that be?" Given we EVER have a space in time to just talk, her and Willow (never seems to happen), I will ask her that. But there are more important things going on for the moment, and her need to dredge up the past has much diminished with her new, team player attitudes (along with Sutton pushing her to LET IT GO). So, to the more important things :

1) Willow is going the REDOUBLE the efforts of the Crypto team. Within reason, she will check in and assign / optimize the team so that they can work faster and more efficiently on this problem. Given the change in scope of the 'Ellen problem', this could VERY WELL be the way she chooses to end us - finding ways to modify our genome, so we need a way to 'lock that shit down'.

2) Willow will start a separate investigation team to immediately track down the location of Nick Solomon. Not only because she promised the 'uplifts' and Paula, not only because she feels a strong sympathy, caring, and desire to help them, BUT ALSO because she thinks this might be a big clue to the nanite infestation that ended the Narnia research team, and there is a tiny worry in the back of her mind that this road ALSO leads to Ellen. Or it will soon. This would be a nasty way to attack humanity, and we lack a defense. She would get AJ to assign a top flight team to this (she herself is no investigator) and speak to Droo as well, since I believe he oversees our covert investigations. There needs to be another team, outside of Droo, capable of starting this investigation - but he should direct this

3) Barring anything else that requires her immediate attention, she will begin the planning phase of introducing the strongest strain of MRO into her cells, working with Simon, our medical MI, and whomever Simon feels is best able to assist this. And she will check once more on all teams, but undergo the procedure in the fastest (savage) way that can get this done and her back into action. She will not, however, sacrifice her own safety for this - as the worry in Sutton's eyes has given her a desire to ensure she comes out of this ok.


Droo, on the other hand, has developed a huge extra dose of *trust* in Storm over this - since it turns out that she's reported *nothing* on him since the biodome. He's literally a ghost at this point. Also, the fact that Ellen's subverted INCIS, has managed to pull *some* info on the Sudbury 7, and has seen *nothing* on Droo may be a good indicator that our attempt to drop Droo off her radar may have succeeded at least a *little*

He's a little paranoid about Kurzweil though.

My instincts scream 'I like him'. My rational brain says "i don't care what kind of tentacles he's got, he shouldn't know this much about us, especially about me". And my cuttlefish sense is tingling that this Brazil connection is goign to take me to Ellen. I just need to wring how to trace it out of the cabinet.

Additional Details

HMSS is a private family affair.

The organization has been left unfilled for most of the last hundred years. The 'traditional' intelligence agencies were sufficient for that time. Like in Mission Impossible, if you are captured or exposed you will be disavowed.

2. Storm The Spy

She shares a high level 'greatest hits' version of her dossier with you all. (I will update her sheet and Events in the next few days.) Her role was almost exclusively corporate counter-espionage, and had little to do with individuals unless they had reason to be targets of said espionage. It really was her job to make the companies that hired her secure online, with high quality defense-in-depth. The information she funnelled into CSIS and then INCIS was put in a special MI repository that flagged information of interest, but was otherwise not shared with humans. Actions based on her intel were always sourced separately.

3. Archie

Simon modified his genome, along with the genomes of his siblings and parents. He has the latest Homo Celestes v3 package- the recent before the theft. He is a LOT tougher than he looks.

The previous Manwë was trading favours with the King, working toward the transhuman friendly NC that AHHASA is supposed to help create.


This organization has been in the planning for nearly 20 years. It was conceived of by Prince Harry with the approval of King William. The intended launch date was 2036, and with William's son in charge.

5. Kurzweil

It is hard to say what he knows, predicts, or guesses. There are rumours that his mind is connected directly to supercomputers that run predictive simulations about the world all the time.

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