2034-03-13 1900EDT ICT Makes Progress

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Event: 2034-03-13 1900EDT ICT Makes Progress
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The DNAO team had the biggest breakthrough on day 1, while other teams were still ramping up.

  • DNAO - DNA Optimization (18)
  • GUA - Genome Upgrade Authentication (6)
  • CSIA - Cryptographically Secure Immune Authentication (6)
  • UD - Upgrade Delivery (6)
  • TA - Test Unit A (6)
  • T1 - Test Unit 1 (6)

DNAO - DNA Optimization (18)

At the end of the day, the DNAO Team announce they have built a preliminary model connecting the functional traits of humans all the way down to the genes. This includes modelling the transcripome, proteome, genome.

This happened surprisingly quickly, and is recognized as being quite incomplete. In particular, the model does not account for hormones and other chemicals that modify behaviours, ignores immune functions entirely, and can not account for the brain and other organs acting as control systems. Still, a spectacular result on day 1!

The Roll

DNAO Team: Map the functional genome, transcriptome, and proteomes up to discrete functional traits.

  • DC-10
  • Roll: -1 -1 +1 +1 = 0
  • +4 Careful
  • +2 Many Hands
  • +4 Purpose and Direction
  • -2 Office Politics: Personality conflicts and power plays make decisions painfully slow - or terrifyingly fast.;
  • -2 Interdisciplinary Cross Communication: The team is so diverse that people often don't speak the same language, let alone have the same assumptions and world views.
  • +2 MI Coordinator: CAFAI has top-flight PM, Facilitation, Negotiation, and Design Thinking intelligences. It uses them to enable humans to work together more effectively.
  • +2 High Concept: Refactor the human genome to create humans by design.
  • +2 Shockingly Short Design-to-Build Cycles.


GUA - Genome Upgrade Authentication (6)

Willow has told ICT that this may be the single most important defensive measure that can be taken for Celestes specifically and humanity as a whole. Today the team worked on cross-disciplinary understanding: cryptographers and programmers are not well versed in the concepts of genetics and biology, and vice versa. This created a new aspect for the team, with a boost.

The Roll

  • DC-4
  • Roll: -2 (-1 -1 0 0)
  • +3 Sneaky
  • +1 Many Hands
  • +2 Taylor used her Hacker's Mindset to help the team focus on the way that the genome could be hacked, as well as how it can be defended.

CSIA - Cryptographically Secure Immune Authentication (6)

The CSIA fell to immediate bickering and confusion as they struggled to integrate diverse disciplines into an actual team. Some intervention may be required from management if they don't organize better tomorrow.

The Roll

  • DC-7
  • Roll: 0
  • +3 Clever
  • +1 Many Hands
  • -2 Interdisciplinary Cross Communication: The team is so diverse that people often don't speak the same language, let alone have the same assumptions and world views. (Gain FP)
  • -5 Total

UD - Upgrade Delivery (6)

Willow peeks in on the team's progress, and sees that they're not sufficiently motivated to break down barriers between disciplines. (Spend FP to give them a bonus +2). The advantage is a new Aspect for CAFIA: Interdisciplinary translation and integration capability.

The Roll

  • DC-7
  • Roll: +1
  • +3 Careful
  • +1 Many Hands
  • +2 Willow gets them focussed.
  • 0 - Advantage w/Boon.

TA - Test Unit A

The team creates a new aspect for itself:

'''Hactastic Automated Fuzzy Attack Suite''': The misuse and abuse of any given genetic code can be assessed quickly for known vulnerabilities, but also for breakdowns when confronted by random inputs (fuzzing). This attack method is not usually useful outsidea laboratory environment.;

The Roll

  • DC+2 (super duper easy!)
  • Roll: -1
  • +3 Sneaky
  • +1 Many Hands
  • +5 - new aspect, 2 boons

T1 - Test Unit 1

Held back by their perfectionism, the T1 team were not able to make a lot if progress against in organizing themselves or preparing to test today's DNAO breakthrough.

The Roll

  • DC-4
  • Roll: -2
  • +3 Careful
  • +1 Many Hands
  • -2 Trouble: Perfection or Nothing
  • -4 Outcome

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