2034-03-13 1400EDT Uplifted animals are rescued

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Event: 2034-03-13 1400EDT Uplifted animals are rescued

Scenario: Apocalypse Now

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Willow, Taylor, Chewie Narnia Base



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Narnia Base has been abandoned, with 580 uplifted animals in the Wookiee’s belly. The humans were killed by nanites, which seem to have self destructed when their ‘keep alive’ signal was interrupted. The flight home took much longer than the flight down to Brazil, for a few reasons. First, staying out of American airspace is a good idea – not because anyone is left to shoot at you, but because the volcanic dust is not good for engines – even engine’s like Chewie’s. Second, there animals in the isolation rooms won’t survive high G maneuvers. Chewie did the straight-up thing again, going high enough to clear most of the dust, and then went over the Atlantic, Quebec, and Hudson’s Bay in a long curving path.

Of all the uplifted animals, just thirty six show human levels of intelligence. Of these, just two pairs are intelligent enough to be considered competent adults by human standards: Vince and JJ, Paula and Sean. The others are like 5-9 year old children in their capabilities.

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