2034-03-13 0800EDT The Sudbury Seven Save The World With μFusion

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Event: 2034-03-13 0800EDT The Sudbury Seven Save The World With μFusion
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Having done some research into the physics of H fusion producing He, I think there has to have been a breakthrough in deuterium production to make the things work - or you all stole a cubic metre of it when you made off with all your other booty. I need to talk to Adrian about it. Regardless, it won't affect your fuel supplies any time soon.

I'm leaning toward deuterium being relatively scarce. Sure, it isn't hard to extract from water, but world production is just enough to supply existing markets. Your breakthrough will increase demand by a factor of thousands.

Before you open source the plans, Elon recommends you buy up the retired Canadian heavy water production facilities. AJ agrees. Using some quasi-real corporate entities, CAF quickly ends up owning the mothballed facilities, and for a small price. Storm is able to alter the record to show that the QRC owned the property for years, but has had trouble reconditioning it. When you make your announcement - the one intended to rehabilitate the "Sudbury Seven" - CAF will announce that it has purchased that QRC in anticipation of an explosion in demand for heavy water, to make sure the price doesn't spike.

Willow recognizes Tardigrade's deft and persuasive marketing touch. The statement they've prepared and rendered uses the avatars that INCIS has assigned you. The statement flows naturally from one avatar to another.

μFusion World Impact - Draft Message

We saved over 10000 lives in the Biodome. We prevented the people mind-controlled by the Cyborg Collective from hurting themselves or others. We created the tech to stop Tetras popping into your bedrooms, and we were the ones who opened communications with them. Does that sound like the actions of a terror cell? Boeing has dragged our names through the mud because we refused bend over and grit our teeth when they whipped it out and tried to fuck us. We saw the terrible mind control technology that Ellen - an operative of the Cyborg Collective - that Ellen used to take over the Sudbury research facilities, and we did everything in our power to stop her. The truth is that Boeing and INCIS have fallen under her sway, and may never be trustworthy again.

We could have made a lot of money from the μFusion reactor. Jack and his team worked a miracle to create it. But instead of restricting the tech that can move humans to space en masse, the dastardly S7 elected to share the production process with the world. For free. Wethersfield fabber programs.

We've even started refitting high volume heavy water production sites in Canada to insure that anyone who needs fuel for μFusion can get that fuel for a reasonable rate.

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