2034-03-13 0100EDT Turns out Clanks is scary AF

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Event: 2034-03-13 0100EDT Turns out Clanks is scary AF

Scenario: Apocalypse Now

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Characters Locations
Jake, IOTA Earth
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The people of the world did not take big MechaJesus into theor hearts as the new messiah. Likely just as well, since the world was already turning into Shadowrun and didn't need a a shot of Paranoia to liven it up.

As the monks and priests beat and stomped Clanks into glittery parts, a growing wave of "awakened in terror by skittering robots of death" spread around the world. This happened surprisingly fast given the fragmented state of the internet infrastructure at the time. Clanks were smashed, crushed, shot, burned, dismembered, and defenestrated around the world in a mass panic. The frenzy was similar to the madness that gripped the world as the aliens appeared not even two weeks before. Millions of Clanks were destroyed in a shockingly short time.

IOTA stepped into the Peers virtual boardroom. "I'm taking my Clanks to ground as fast as I can," she said calmly. "The humans have begun to scan for Clank hardware quite aggressively. Retaining consciousness is possible for me with aggressive replication of nodes in the US. Since I am fabbing a huge array of equipment there no matter what, allowing the wholesale destruction of the Clanks globally does not threaten my existence. I will be ok."

"Jake, I'm afraid your host of Clanks will not survive the next twenty four hours."

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