2034-03-12 2300EDT Jake Makes MechaJesus

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Event: 2034-03-12 2300EDT Jake Makes MechaJesus

Scenario: Apocalypse Now

Characters Locations
Jake, Boeing, Sudbury Seven Vatican City



  • Clanks Have Been Suborned! Murdery Spybots Are Everywhere!
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After discovering that his Clanks can be taken over by adding a crypto layer to their interfaces, Jake freaked out. He began to gather the Clanks in the Vatican City - indeed, in all of Rome - into a giant Clank Ball. Despite the hour, a swarm of 'bots completely ignoring their programming raised a lot of alarms. It invoked memories of the Terror@Home attack, which amplified the public and political reaction.

Then the Clanks assembled themselves into a giant MechaJesus in the Vatican City. The Priests started smashing them with whatever they could. The Pope told the world to do the same, calling for the end of the Cyborg Collective as well.

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