2034-03-12 1900EDT Droo Connects with SegFault and discovers a threat

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Event: 2034-03-12 1900EDT Droo Connects with SegFault and discovers a threat

Scenario: Apocalypse Now

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Droo, SegFault CAFEL
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This scene is set in the always-on virtual boardroom that all members of the CAF BOD have constant access to.

Droo stepped quickly into the virtual boardroom and popped the 'Call All' balloon that floated by the door. The other nine board members were all alerted that he wanted to talk. He started talking immediately, not waiting for them to appear. The CAFEL-AI would record his words, create a summary, and bring them up to speed. "One of my prior-to-biodome acquaintances, friends even, from my SR game? SegFault is the closest I have to 'best friend' in there. He has a line on bounties on the Sudbury 7, tried to hire me, and knows that AJ and Sutton - Jenny and Padre - were seen bugging out of Atlanta on an 'alien vessel' that landed somewhere north of the Great Lakes."

Willow, still in the Amazon, was the first to step in the room, but by the time he was done talking everyone was there.

"Do you have a plan?" AJ asked.

"I'm'a take a quick trip to Rome," Droo said, "to either verify his trustworthiness and get him to sign on, or... More likely, although I hope not, is that I eliminate a line to us. Just so everyone knows where I am."

Willow said, "Take someone, even if they are just in the van."


"A MITO?" Willow asked.

"Celestes, dear, not MITO," Storm said gently.

"Right," Willow said. "There's lots of PD Celestes with combat and covert experience hanging out."

Droo scoffed, crossing his arms. "Not bringing someone I don't know. Can't bring Jake, can't bring Elon."

Willow's face caught a devilish grin. "How about your girlfriend?"

Storm snorted. "While I'd like to meet SegFault, I'm a bit busy for field ops."

"Yeah, how would that work?" Icky asked. "Hi bestie, this is my girl, oops u r ded?" A host of video-game deaths played out in the air around his head as he spoke.

Droo shook his head. "I'd prefer Dan, actually, because combat motherfucker."

"I'll go too," Genie said. "Let's find out how Dan and I work together in the field now, on a low-risk mission."

"I can live with that," Droo said. "Vern and I gotta leave in 100 minutes, and no passengers."

CAFEL-AI stepped into the conversation. "You may be interested in the retrofits to the fighter craft you ...stole? We can just say stole, right?" A model-sized aircraft circled her head, with various jets and fans shifting with fluid grace.

Droo turned quickly to Dan and Genie. "Can you pilot that?" His excitement at going on a mission was rightly focussed, but obvious in the sharp speed of his actions.

Dan held up a hand like he was ready to catch a ball, calling the model over. He flicked all five fingers open, causing the plane to explode out to full size, hovering above them. The AR toned down the roar of the engines while doing an admirable job handling the secondary effects of the pounding wind keeping the craft in the air. "Humans don't pilot ships like this," he said do Droo. "What's your name?"

The plane moved smoothly away from them to settle on the ground. "Sir, yes Sir! Call me Biggs. I'm X001 of the Darklighter Class transport/fighter." The StarWars character stepped out of the plane, walking over to Dan. "With two μFusion reactors running two hundred and thirty seven VAMPPS on my skin, I'm still learning what I can do - but I can be wheels up in thirty and have you to Rome in under two hours."

The acronym 'VAMPPS' expanded as text in the air in front of Biggs. "Vectored Atmospheric Magneto-Plasma Propulsion Systems" had thin tendrils of light snaking off to hundreds of small bulges on the surface of the plane.

"Dan, Genie, if you can come, bring the plane - I"m going with Vernon - someone let me know please."

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