2034-03-12 1400EDT Taylor and the ABCThreat Team adjust Chewie

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Event: 2034-03-12 1400EDT Taylor and the ABCThreat Team adjust Chewie

Scenario: Apocalypse Now

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Taylor, Chewie, Willow, Ellen Hofstaadr CAFEL
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When Willow, Sutton, Deke, and the HC Squad showed up to board Chewie they discovered that Taylor and some of her team had overruled the containment approach that the CAF BOD thought it had ordered up.

"I understand there is some urgency," Taylor said, her quiet voice difficult to hear over the background noise of a very busy build site. "I would prefer to bring you back alive, however."

Willow looked past the small woman to the gaping maw of Chewie's rear door. Her exceptional eyes showed a lot of people spraying something like foam insulation around what looked like several standard shipping containers buried deep in Chewie. There were people inside installing medical telepresence rigs like they had in the BURF, along with other equipment. Despite his size, Chewie looked quite full.

Willow was impressed, but also a bit upset. Losing the quick-and-dirty containment option she had proposed was part of it, but she could tell there were more of those irritating emotions in there to deal with. This triggered a wash of irritation and a desire to dominate the little person who trashed her plan. With a visible effort, Willow held her tongue and her frustration. Then she held the anger that showed up at having shown frustration in the first place.

If Taylor noticed any of this she didn't let on. "We have arranged for P4 Biohazard containment suits for all of you, if you'll follow Ellen?" She smiled meekly. "She will make sure you know her to use them." She was already turning away as she spoke, giving them no time to respond.

"Hi," Ellen said brightly, appearing in front of the group from nowhere. Her voice was so bright and cheery and full of light that it was almost blinding.

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