2034-03-11 1910EST Escape From Atlanta

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Event: 2034-03-11 1910EST Escape From Atlanta

Scenario: Apocalypse Now

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Characters Locations
AJ, Chewie, Dan, Genie, Sutton, Jake Atlanta
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On approach to Atlanta, Sutton, AJ, and Genie teamed up with two homo celestes soldiers each, using VBFS to fly in to each of the three safe houses to collect the extended family of our recently acquired scientist Taylor. Dan joined up with Genie's team when they arrived.

The plan was to commandeer some vehicles, load up the family, and drive toward rendezvous points at the edge of the city. Unfortunately, Jake got a little overexcited when he found out about the dragonfly drones, and ordered the Clanks to activate their anti-Tetra jamming technologies. This effectively turned off most of the internet in the city and suburbs, along with cellphone access and other radio communications.

The rescue team were cut off from their CAF friends just after Droo started to communicate with the Tetras.

This disruption heightened the panic that US citizens were already feeling. The roads were jammed with people trying to leave the city (under manual control, since non-emergency autonomous vehicle traffic was interdicted by the city.)

The chaos meant that the teams had to leg it, but with ten homo celestes helping 19 enhanced humans the walk was relatively easy. The human part of the extraction team met them at the backup rendezvous location at 2030h.

Unfortunately, they found a big problem as they approached Chewie. Someone dropped a slicey-dicey monofilament net over Chewie while they were out, blanketing a large area around the aircraft.

At 2047h the team were able to re-establish an unreliable link to CAF, allowing Jake to order the Clanks to remove the net. That was a relatively slow process, but at 2101h the team were able to make a dash across farmland and into the belly of the beast, but it would be another 15-20 minutes before Chewie's fusilage were fully clear of the net.

While they made their dash, several pairs of fighter jets and a fleet of drones began to pay serious attention to the plot of land they were occupying.

At 2113h, Genie practically collapsed. When she recovered enough to talk, she said, "They're taking everyone! We have to get out of here, fast!" This was around the same time DVT realized the scope of the problem, and supplied details to the others.

By 2115h helicopters et al were converging upon Chewie. They needed to move pronto.

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