2034-03-11 1900EST Captive Tetras in the Faraday Cage

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Event: 2034-03-11 1900EST Captive Tetras in the Faraday Cage

Scenario: Apocalypse Now

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Vögel, Storm, Willow, Droo CAFEL
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Two pods - a 4 and a 5 - were collected after Droo's discovery. They were not harmed, but they were not invited either. They are currently in a CAFEL hanger big enough for Chewie. The space has been covered in a Faraday cage and is sealed and guarded. They have been given a wide assortment of objects from the toy store along with audio books and braille translations.

They seem content to examine the space and the objects around them for a while.

At 1900h Droo entered the outer faraday cage inside a blast-door-thick steel box with another faraday cage inside it. The box could not be opened without welding tools and the single window was designed to fall shut and lock as soon as Droo let go of it. Outside the hanger, Willow monitored Droo's medical condition continuously, and had a separate dead-man's switch to close the cage. Unfortunately Willow could not use high-resolution scans to monitor Droo's mental state as an MRI would interfere with Droo's ability to communicate with the Tetras. EKG, EEG, ongoing blood samples were collected however.

Fibre optic cables ran from the box to the outside, carrying video, sonar, audio, and any other signals that the CAF techs could bolt inside.

The chamber was big enough that Droo could not be reached through the bulletproof polycarbonate window even if it were removed, and there was a blind for him to hide behind inside the box.

Initial contact began with Droo 'listening' to the Tetras communicate in their two 'bodies' - the quartet and quintet. He felt impressions and some experiences, similar to his experience in Atlanta.

After a short time eavesdropping, Droo began to transmit.

The reaction from the Tetras was immediate. Initially Droo connected to the quartet, experiencing a sudden increase in available brainpower. The Tetras were extensions of his mind. This 'pod split up quickly. Three new pods formed - one with Droo and 3 Tetras, and two with 3 Tetras. Just as Droo was getting a feel for this new arrangement it fragmented again. All nine Tetras joined with Droo into a single consciousness.

For about a minute Droo remained 'in charge' as the dominant voice(s) in the pod. I didn't take long for the Tetras' personalities to begin to exert themselves in the new, combined sophant we called DVT.

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