2034-03-11 1600EST Willow Makes A Funny

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Event: 2034-03-11 1600EST Willow Makes A Funny

Scenario: Apocalypse Now

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Willow, Ouri, Droo CAFEL
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Droo and Dan are in Atlanta doing extractions and Droo checks back with CAF for assistance on removing the toxin ankle cuff on Taylor. Flush with skin and will administer a slow, painful, death to Alpha. Willow asks for the formula, and gets enough to determine there is no cure / antitoxin that will help.

Willow jokes about cutting off leg of alpha. This causes some alarm, even after she indicates that it was a joke (kind of). Genie suggests that Willow is too unknown at this point to determine humour, or terrifying truths to her comments. Willow's miffed, but makes a lighter joke when Vogell reminds her that he made her laugh - "All witches cackle". No one laughs, but Droo indicates there was an inside chuckle stiffled by V, as he has control of the meat.

Shortly after, Taylor herself suggests cutting off leg is only hope of extraction. V says to Willow that she shouldn’t be psychic around him again (not psychotic, that's not a typo). Willow then suggests an alternative to cutting off the leg (use his impressive network / espionage skills to mimic the electronic connection of the ankle cuff to the local network) which V/D does and it works phenomenally well. Willow wins giving both suggestions, but yet still scares everyone.

It comes to Willow's attention that LEO is dying, and she desperately searches for a way to save him. The idea of implanting what's left into V/D's Hivemind is discussed.

During the extraction 'flight' with Vernon, Genie suggests that Droo/Vernon wanting to merge minds with Tetras might mean Droo can communicate with them. Unfortunately for LEO, this means LEO would die for lack of alternatives, as Droo would need his mind as 'stable as it can get'.

Willow discusses “not quite” peerage with peerage group, and suggests we need to have AIs and him introduced to implement this plan. Peerage agrees. Willow agrees to be the one to tell Droo/Vogell that AI’s exist – to which Vogell answers “of course they do” (V’s trouble is invoked by GM, and declined to be fated away by Drew). After trying to clarify with V what AI means, Willow has “shades of Miranda” thoughts that she is the one being manipulated here….or V is Batshit….or there is another AI group she is not aware of. Stepping sideways from outsmarting herself at the expense of humanity, she eats a big chunk of humble alongside a chug of 'avoid the paranoid' brew and asks Ouri to be the one to explain peerage to Droo. This is Willow trying to turn a new leaf of trust...or lack of trust in her old instincts. Ouri starts the convo with Droo, and after he lands with the extraction (about 2 mins later) – shoots Willow a death stare. Again, Willow can’t win for losing.

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