2034-03-11 1549EST When The CHIPs Are Down

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Event: 2034-03-11 1549EST When The CHIPs Are Down

Scenario: Apocalypse Now

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Willow, CHIPs, Elon
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Willow directed the CHIP team to figure out the consequences of the gravity lance. With some quick work they came back with simulations that indicate significant effects on the world's climate.

Willow's call was routed to Elon's iAssistant. "Hi, Willow. Call me Ohm." The IA presented a young androgynous avatar. It's features were simultaneously unremarkable and beautiful.

Willow's IA whispered that the avatar had been 'rendered by morphing together over 109 images of people from all over the world. It knewshe was often curious about that kind of background information.

"Elon's dance card is life-and-death full right now," Ohm said. "Can you help, do you need help, or can it wait?"

Willow pushed a bulging file folder filled with the data and analysis from the CHIPs across the virtual desk to Ohm. As it reached for the folder the metaphor shifted. By the time Ohm's hand touched it, the folder had transformed into a large mug filled with a liquid that looked like an orbital view of Mt. Doom and what is already being called New Mordor.

Ohm dipped a finger into the liquid image and through that finger drank it down. "Thank you, Willow," it said as it drank. "I'm sharing this with our teams now." The desk became translucent, allowing Willow to see the sparkling data flow up Ohm's arm and down into its torso. The chair Ohm sat on wasn't a chair: its body merged smoothly with a tree trunk rooted in the floor. The data flowed down into the roots and disappeared. "They're integrating the data now." Ohm produced a fresh cup from a drawer, and placed it under the spout of a single-serve coffee machine. It offered Willow a box of coffee pods to choose from. "To verify your credentials and add a signature of receipt," Ohm said.

Willow selected one with an interesting pattern in the ultraviolet, and started to hand it to Ohm.

"Please, help yourself," it said, sliding the machine to her.

Willow felt the machine interface with her IA and her identity cards when she popped the pod into the machine. She lowered the lever, locking it in. The machine hummed away, quickly filling the cup with data and analysis from Elon's experts.

"Elon is going to be out of communication for some time," Ohm said. It handed Willow a piece of frosted glass the size of a business card. "This will alert you when he reaches a stable orbit."

Willow accepted the virtual card. "Thanks. Can I have a few more for the folks at CAF? I may be indisposed when he comes online again."

"Of course," Ohm said, handing over another 8 cards. "Keep in touch."

Willow waved the augmented conversation closed. She would have been more impressed with Ohm if she wasn't aware of the AIs and the Peers.

She frowned. °Was Ohm a sophant?° She dialled into the Peer AR space. "Anyone here?"

"Hi, Willow," Ouri said. The young girl appeared in a gymnastics gym, dressed in a bodysuit. She jumped up to the higher uneven bar, and began to practice a routine.

Willow was a bit taken aback by the virtual environment Ouri had chosen, but set that feeling aside. "Elon's IA is called Ohm. It was very helpful, to the point I wonder if it is a sophant. You might want to check it out."

Ouri spun around the bar, twisting at the top of the spin and splitting her legs when approaching the lower bar. When Willow finished, Ouri caught her hips on the low bar, spun around, and launched into the air. Her hands somehow came down on the high bar. One rotation was enough for her to perform a double back flip dismount with barely a stumble.

"Thank, Willow," Ouri said. "Q has been our bloodhound on that front for a while, but he's had some other work to deal with just now." The girl wrapped herself in a big towel and sat on a bench beside the bars. "What about the conversation with Elon?"

"He's attempting to achieve a stable orbit, it seems," Willow said. "I presume Ohm meant Earth orbit, but can't be sure."

"Great," Ouri said. "I think Elon might be worthwhile adding to the Peers soon, in any case." She sat on the mats and started stretching. "He might not be able to end humanity on his own, but he sure could make it a lot worse or a lot better."

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