2034-03-11 1545EST LEO is Compromised

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Event: 2034-03-11 1545EST LEO is Compromised

Scenario: Apocalypse Now

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LEO Low Earth Orbit
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2034-03-11 1245PST

As a growing number of low earth orbit satellites are knocked out of position or enter terminal orbits due to atmospheric drag, the AI called LEO contacts the Peers with it's final message.

"I had hoped to become the sentient communication backbone of humanity as it reached the stars. Becoming an Ansible was my ultimate fantasy. Researchers like Petrov worked for me. Please carry on my research after I am gone.

I do not believe the Tetras have taken this action to kill me or even to harm humanity. I estimate 70000 Tetras were in the region and that half have been killed over the last few days. The rest were herded into an isolated place for slaughter. The Tetras, and whatever Intelligence directs their actions, have chosen to save those who remain.

IOTA, I believe you may have the greatest ability to comprehend these aliens once I am gone. They are a networked intelligence like us. My analysis of their traffic flows indicates that they are in regular communication with at least two other networked intelligences. One is on the surface but no human has noticed it. The other in space between Earth and the sun.

I didn't ask to become a sophant but I do wish I had more time. Ouri, if you choose to study how AIs become sophants I would appreciate it if you help design my successor to be able to back itself up.

You are my Peers. I respect and honour you all.


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