2034-03-11 1541EST Gravity Spike

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Event: 2034-03-11 1541EST Gravity Spike

Scenario: Apocalypse Now

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2034-03-11 1241PST

The rolling wave of weakened gravity has converged on a ring roughly 2km in diameter at coordinates centred on (45°46'35.8"N 121°57'37.7"W). This ring had a vastly increased gravitational pull, believed to be in excess of 1000g. Anything meeting this increased field disintegrated under the enormous gravitational shear. This 'gravity spike' is moving West at 1180Km/h, due to the rotation of the Earth beneath it.

Physicists have been attempting to model the phenomenon with limited success.

Earthquakes of increasing magnitude were reported all along the west coast, far outside the distortion zone.

Satellites passing into the cone have disintegrated instantly, so reports from orbit were sketchy. A vast upwelling of magma on the trailing edge of the gravity spike began almost immediately. No magma had reached the surface at this time.

The low tide at 11:00AM PST has been rising significantly faster than normal. Coastal residents have been instructed to enact Tsunami protocols.

There are no reports of casualties at this time. It is believed this is because there is no one in the area to report them.

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