2034-03-11 1532EST Gravitational Distortion

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Event: 2034-03-11 1532EST Gravitational Distortion

Scenario: Apocalypse Now

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USA Pacific Coast
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2034-03-11 1232PST

The force of gravity has begun to weakened to 90% of normal in a ring 7km wide and 1000km across. The ring passes through Southern British Columbia, the NE corner of Washington, the Western edge of Idaho, the SW corner of Oregon, the NE corner of Nevada, and the North end of California. The centre is near Portland, Oregon.

Gravity Distortion.jpeg

Immediately following the change in gravity, earthquakes shook the region and GPS systems went haywire. Canadian residents have been asked to collect their "Big One" kits and move to designated shelters and safe zones.

America continues to severely limit information out of the country. Luna Colony Alpha is on the wrong side of the planet for direct observation, but their orbital surveillance satellites have shown the US mobilizing troops, and reports have leaked out that the US is hunting down and killing all the Tetras they can find.

Most analysts believe that the.a response to the wholesale slaughter of the Tetras that began on March 4th.

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