2034-03-11 1500EST Transhumanist Crackdown - Kurzweil Released

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Event: 2034-03-11 1500EST Transhumanist Crackdown - Kurzweil Released

Scenario: Apocalypse Now

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Kurzweil French Riviera
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Shortly after his release, Mr. Kurzweil held a press conference. He said, "The Church is an evidence based organization dedicated to ensuring that humanity survives and thrives in the long term. We do not have a single 'perfect' ideology. Our members - often called 'sects' by the media - are other organizations that are building that future. Our members include companies like Boeing - the target of this terrible attack - and governments, including the New Commonwealth and senior officials in its member states. While it is certainly possible that the terrorists who did this were augmented - legally or not - they are not members of CotTH. If anything, they are our nemesis. The work being done in Sudbury was intended to make humanity a truly interplanetary species - a goal that most transhumanists support wholeheartedly."

Kurzweil went on to address the creation of AHHASA (Augmented Human Health And Safety Agency). "And to His Majesty, King Henry, it is my honour to have you as a compassionate and passionate leader in trans rights. I will be honoured to join the ranks of the people registered with AHHASA, once we understand the implications. The Church of the Transhuman stands ready to provide any expert advice or council the agency requires, including guidance on maintaining the human rights of augments who are not public figures like myself. I am personally proud to be a citizen of a union that is capable of such bold and direct leadership in a topic that can be frightening and hard to grapple with."

When questioned about Meridian's call for unification of transhumanist sects, Kurzweil said, "The Church was founded on the idea that transhumans need to work together to guide our societies through transitions like those we are experiencing now." He explained that Meridian might bring attention to the cause, but "her infamy just gives opponents of transhumanism ammunition to paint the church with the same brush."

Meridian came to public attention for her success in the VRXGames, and her substantial donations to several transhumanist sects, including the CotTH, Post Darwinists (PD), and Directed Quantum Evolutionists (DQE). The games are quasi-legal at best with strong ties to international organized crime syndicates. The PD, DQE, and CC are among the most radical transhumanist sects, advocating for wholesale replacement of humans.

Kurzweil went on to say, "The Church does not and has never supported illegal augmentation. I would personally prefer it if she had remained in hiding as a former sports celebrity, instead of injecting herself into a situation she is not qualified to discuss. Personally, and on behalf of the Church, I look forward to working with our members and AHHASA to help move our cultures and civilization forward."

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