2034-03-11 1200EST CDC Extraction - Recon

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Event: 2034-03-11 1200EST CDC Extraction - Recon

Scenario: Apocalypse Now

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Characters Locations
Droo, Sutton, Vernon, Storm, Dan, Taylor Atlanta
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Storm wants the team to extract a Scientist and her extended family from the CDC centre in Atlanta. Droo and Sutton will organize a recce and determine the best way to approach the extraction.

Scientist: Taylor VanDerGreft (41) Ankle monitoring. Escorted to and from CDC daily.

Husband: Colin Dubois (43) Lives on base / teaches at college

Teenager 1: Michelle VanDerGreft (19) Lives on base / attends college

Teenager 2: Scott Dubois (16) Lives on base / attends pvt school

The extended family live in Atlanta and surrounding area, each monitored by a small swarm of semi-autonomous dragonfly drones.


Judy VanDerGreft (70), Bill VanDerGreft (68)

Loreli DuBois (69), Tony Dubois (72)


Ella Castillo (nee VanDerGreft) & Danny Castillo with 4 children (two under 13)

Anne VanDerGreft with 2 children (under 13)

Patrick Dubois & Veronica Dubois with 2 children

Ted Dubois & Kelly Wu with 3 children

Cassandra Dubois with 2 children

Security Measures

Everyone is routinely monitored on video at all times, monitored by IA and humans (IA only in private situations). Dragonfly Drones are used to monitor all of them.

  • Taylor VanDerGreft: Ankle monitoring. Escorted to and from CDC daily.
  • Colin Dubois: Lives on base / teaches at college. Sign in/out.
  • Michelle Dubois: Lives on base / attends college. Sign in/out.
  • Scott Dubois: Lives on base / attends pvt school. Sign in/out.

Expected response time to unexpected behaviours with other family members is 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the situation and time of day.

Extraction Plan

> overall

Potential Issues

  • Is it really just an ankle monitor?
  • What kind of automated retaliatory responses are triggered if Taylor is out of her proper area?
  • What kind of disruption of the bug-net will further our goals?
  • What does Taylor need to bring with her?
  • How quickly can we get a message to her securely, so she can prepare?


> general approach


> general approach


> general approach

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