2034-03-11 1100EST INCIS Boeing Press Conference

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Event: 2034-03-11 1100EST INCIS Boeing Press Conference

Scenario: Apocalypse Now

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Boeing, Melanie Beauregarde, INCIS, Anika Sørjen Toronto
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Sørjen and Beauregarde return for another press conference, though with a different tone.

Sørjen: The recent release of an alternate timeline of events involving the Sudbury Seven raises new questions about the motivations behind the attack. This fabrication attempts to paint these mass murderers as heroes, and then shows them dying in defence of the Biodome. This is an outright lie.

Beauregarde: Attached to this press release are the details of the INCIS/Boeing forensic investigations that uncovered proof that the S7 faked their deaths. Their attempt to sow doubt about the actual events is blatant disinformation, and raises serious questions about the suspects.

We will take a few questions.

How did the Sudbury Seven get access to the records, doctored or not?

Beauregarde: Several of the S7 were trusted senior employees in the Biodome and associated research facility.

How long ago did they plan this attack? Why March 1st?

  • Asana Fitzhenry, BBC World Service

Sørjen: It is not clear that the date is significant beyond providing a distraction during the attack. Given the complexity of the operation and the reliance on long-term employees, it seems likely this was planned for years.

Who is behind the attack? Portable nuclear devices are rare, are they not?

  • Tomas L'Engel, QNN

Sørjen: In light of recent direction from King Henry and the Princess Victoria we are not prepared to answer at this time. We do have a very short list.

From inside Boeing, Beauregarde's lifelog from 0930EDT indicated that she witnessed the scathing wrath of His Majesty directed at INCIS - in the form of Sørjen. Beauregarde was impressed with how Sørjen defused the King's anger with her by passionately demanding to be an early registrant Seth AHHAS. She was more impressed at how Sørjen then aimed the King at her superiors - who they both suspect are in the pocket of at least one Corp - and then stoked him to rage by saying, "Our preliminary analysis shows a high likelihood that Làidir Aonar had a large role to ploys in this attack, Your Majesty. It is not at all clear why they would do so based on their own goals, but they do hire out as mercenaries, and have been implicated in some of the recent C-level assassinations and hostile takeovers." The thought that the terrorists who killed his brother might be involved transformed the King from blazing wrath to frigid rage. "You may go," he said. "Prepare for a new press conference in 90 minutes. Follow up on the LA connection but make no mention of it to anyone."

Why should we believe your story is credible and their's is not?

  • Felicity Ramsingh, Toronto Globe

Sørjen: We have released much more information than is normal for an investigation of this kind precisely so you do not have to just believe our story. Go. Do. Your. Job. Prove to the public who is lying and why.

Thank you. This press conference is over.

As Sørjen and Beauregarde left the stage, Sørjen was caught in a short "hot mic" reveal. "The idea that these mass murderers could kill 1200 people to cover their tracks disgus-" she said before the mic was cut. This raises new questions. If the attack was merely a diversion what was it real purpose?

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