2034-03-11 0945EST Jake Introspects and Chats With Mycroft

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Event: 2034-03-11 0945EST Jake Introspects and Chats With Mycroft

Scenario: The Corporate War Has Begun

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Clanks, Jake CAFEL
  • Healing and training
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Jake has had a lot of time to think and heal and work with the interface. During this time, he has been thinking a lot more about what the clanks can do, what has been accomplished, and what can really result from becoming integrated with millions of clanks. The "ant ball" with Kaleb, the ongoing mining operations, the humanoid clank figure, ClankNet, and so much of what has been achieved has been because of him. As much as he is still an outcast, this is feeling more like a result of him being MORE than normal people rather than less.

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