2034-03-11 0815EST AHHAS Agency

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Event: 2034-03-11 0815EST AHHAS Agency

Scenario: Apocalypse Now

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King Henry, Princess Victoria New Commonwealth
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Immediately following the INCIS announcement that the Sudbury Seven are radical transhumanists, King Henry took to the air to make a confusingly contradictory statement.

In recent days he joined other world leaders in calling for a crackdown on unregulated use of technologies that augment human abilities. Today he announced a new Royal Decree founding the Augmented Human Health And Safety Agency (AHHASA).

"The time has come for our citizens to recognize the reality that human augmentation is the new reality," the King said. His Human Augmentation Number (HAN) is '0', and the file indicates he has enhanced vision and hearing, as well as a treatment that reduces his need for sleep. He went on to explain how his own "augments" were a natural decision when dealing with other medical issues. "My hearing and vision were damaged in the attack that killed my brother and his family. The treatments were going to restore my senses were going to make them better than before the attack, no matter what. I chose to take the additional step."

AHHASA has not made any public statements yet as the Director, Princess Victoria, has only been in charge of the organization since 1900UTC/0800EDT.

The creation of this organization came as a shock to other world leaders, including those in the NC. "We had no warning" was a statement issued by nearly all the PMs across the commonwealth. No statement from INCIS just yet.

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