2034-03-11 0800EST Introducing the Sudbury Seven

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Event: 2034-03-11 0800EST Introducing the Sudbury Seven
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Boeing, Melanie, Anika, INCIS Earth
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The Director of the Integrated New Commonwealth Intelligence Service (INCIS), Anika Sørjen, called a press conference to discuss the perpetrators of the March 1st terrorist attack in Sudbury, Canada.

"INCIS, working closely with Boeing, have uncovered evidence of a terror cell embedded in the Biodome and associated research facility. Details of the seven suspects are included in the attached warrants for their arrest, issued in the NC, EU, UCANZ, Umoja, and the US." Pictures of the seven appeared around her as she spoke. "The Sudbury Seven are former humans who have illegally augmented themselves as part of their ideological quest to become more than human."

Boeing representative Melanie Beauregarde then took the stage. "Boeing continues to work closely with the authorities to find these murderous extremists." She reiterated that the death toll of thousands would have been ten times higher if not for the heroic efforts of the soldiers who fought off an attacking force while Finding and defusing a nuclear bomb - minutes before the alien invasion was scheduled to begin.

When questioned, Ms. Beauregarde said "It is still not clear what the terrorist's full agenda was." Ms. Sørjen provided no comment.

Near the conclusion of the press conference, Beauregarde introduced the person who took control of the chaos in the Biodome and lead the defence forces to victory: Ellen Oronyatekha. Ms. Oronyatekha appeared IAR, appearing nervous. She introduced herself, but did no answer questions.

See Sudbury Seven for detailed biographies of the perpetrators and the charges levelled against them.

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