2034-03-10 0900EST Immunocrypto Team Kickoff Meeting

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Event: 2034-03-10 0900EST Immunocrypto Team Kickoff Meeting

Scenario: Apocalypse Now

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Characters Locations
ICT, Taylor, AJ, Storm CAFEL


  • MI Coordinator: CAFAI has top-flight PM, Facilitation, Negotiation, and Design Thinking intelligences. It uses them to enable humans to work together more effectively.
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On This Day

On Friday, while PD refugees and other employees were streaming in to CAFEL, the ICT spent a day working out what they were supposed to do, and how to do it. Over a difficult and conflict-filled day, they reached a consensus on their purpose and developed a roadmap to get them there.

  • Roll: 0.0.0.+1 {+1}
  • DC-5 {-4}
  • +5 Clever {+1}
  • +3 Many Hands {+4}
  • -2 Trouble: New Guy {+2}
  • -2 Trouble: Split Brain {0}
  • -2 Trouble: Interdisciplinary Cross Communication {-2}
  • +2 CAFIA worked as a powerful manipulative force, bringing the team together amazingly quickly. {+0}
  • +2 Aspect: We are all researchers dedicated to solving a suddenly critical problem of human existence. {+2}
  • +2 Taylor dialled in, used her hackers mindset to preliminate holes in the purpose and roadmap. {+4}

TOTAL: +4 Success With Style!

  • 3 Fate Points in the hopper
  • +2 free activations of the new Purpose and Direction aspect.

The team took the weekend off to recover - and for some of the remote participants to be brought to CAFEL.

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