2034-03-09 1012EST Selina has trouble

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Event: 2034-03-09 1012EST Selina has trouble

Scenario: The Corporate War Has Begun

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Selina, Sutton CAFEL
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Selina will arrive, initially very surprised to find out that Sutton is deke and he's... different. They will have a nice moment of bonding, sharing a few old tales, and catching up with recent personal history. Then Selina will discover that this "new home" involves an underground mine and a flying base. Not a good fit with her anxieties. Add to that the fact that people will likely be trying to kill them in those locations as well. Selina REALLY wanted to find a way out, and she thought this was it. Hell, maybe it is, but she is not ready AT ALL for this level of anxiety confrontation. In the service, she had to fly. She hated it, but she managed. And with a lot of persuading and some horse paralyzer, she will be able to do it again. But she digs her heels in when it comes to the mine. She ain't doing it. She'll sleep in the truck, or camp up the road, or ANYTHING else, but no mine for her.

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