2034-03-08 0000EST Overview

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Event: 2034-03-08 0000EST Overview

Scenario: The Corporate War Has Begun

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Characters Locations
Dan, Droo, Genie, Icky, Jake, NeuraLace, Simon, Storm, Sutton, Tardigrade, Val, Vernon, Willow, King Henry, Mycroft, AJ CAFEL

Luna Colony


  • Privacy Is Dead
Caused By Cause Of
On This Day



Icky: Begin neural lace testing.

  1. /roll 4f -3 +2 +2 Sneaky = -3
  2. /roll 4f -3 +2 +4 Careful = 5
  3. /roll 4f -3 +2 +2 Clever = 3

Use 2 boosts on #1, gain 2.

AJ Scan and map: 1, 5 (+1 Boost)

Petrov: Continues to set up the lab and figure out the MRO.

Action Item

  • 2034-03-08 Meridian: How are you going to explain the new DQE goal - to disband and unite with PD - to Tardigrade? Bear in mind that he has shown some startling independence recently, and was never just a yes man.
    • This question requires a better description of where DQE has people and what it means to pull them out of those places.

2034-03-08 END SUMMARY

  • Willow lets Tardigrade know what is going down
  • Jake testing complete.
  • Simon arrived.
  • CAF signs contract with Musk and OBCo.
  • King Henry severs diplomatic ties between Luna and NC.
  • PD refugees start to trickle in.
  • Arch AI (Mr. Andrews) dramatically increases the efficiency of the construction processes out of the gate.
  • Icky begins installation testing.

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