2034-03-07 1400EST Sleuthing Swab Samples

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Event: 2034-03-07 1400EST Sleuthing Swab Samples

Scenario: The Corporate War Has Begun

Characters Locations
Willow, Mycroft, Vernon, Tardigrade, Meridian CAFEL
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Mycroft helps Willow detect pheromones in the Vernon swab from the mystery mine 3 km from CAFEL base. She ran a clever analysis against any database of genomes she has access to with no luck.

Meridian connects with Tardigrade to trade favours. They had a somewhat heated discussion about the lack of contact since before the Tetras started to show up. Meridian asked him if he knows of a transhuman that uses pheromones to compel workers. The answer was no, but he'll let her know via established communication protocols.

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