2034-03-07 0000EST Overview

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Event: 2034-03-07 0000EST Overview

Scenario: The Corporate War Has Begun

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Characters Locations
Chewie, Dan, Droo, Genie, Google, IOTAI, Icky, Jake, LEO, Mycroft, NeuraLace, Ouroboros, Petrov, Simon, Storm, Sutton, Tank, Tardigrade, Val, Vernon, Willow, Q CAFEL
  • Privacy Is Dead
Caused By Cause Of
On This Day

Val secures a network of trade agreements and alliances that make his company safe for the foreseeable future. MITOs pick up an additional point of Forceful. Willow verifies that the pheromones used in OBCo are not malicious or robbing people of free will.

Icky’s Neural lace installation was successful at noon Wed March 8.

  • Prep: /roll 4f -4 +2 +2 Quick = -1, but Willow bonus of +2 = +1
  • Install Lace: /roll 4f -6 +2 +4 Careful = +1
  • Install Perfusion: /roll 4f -6 +2 +2 Quick = -4 (damn, 2 stress, 2 consequence - both clear at end of session)

Willow spends a fate point helping Jake with a Patient Prep failure during the neural lace implementation. Justified that she has many scans of Jake, and the NL team were being 'quick' not 'careful'. Google and Ouri both assist later (software patch) with additional problematic installation issues.

Mycroft helps willow detect pheromones in the Vernon swab from the mystery mine 3 km from our CAF base. Runs a clever analysis against any database of genomes she has access to with no luck. So...

Willow connects with Tardigrade (trade favours) to see if he knows of a Transhuman that uses pheromones to compel workers. Answer is no. But he'll let me know via now established communication protocol (TBD)

Droo shifts his remit to a new recon mission.

AJ becomes CEO.

Genie and Dan realize they are sensing across time. Petrov maesures theis performance to figure out the MRO.

Val HC4 COMPEL: Entrepreneurial Genius Inventor Risen From Poverty to Wealth.

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