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Event: 2034-03-06 0000EST Overview

Scenario: The Corporate War Has Begun

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Chewie, Dan, Droo, Genie, Google, IOTAI, Icky, Jake, LEO, Mycroft, NeuraLace, Ouroboros, Petrov, Simon, Storm, Sutton, Tank, Tardigrade, Val, Vernon, Willow, Q CAFEL
  • Privacy Is Dead
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On This Day

Much of what happened today.


Early in the morning Willow gets a call from NeuraLink wanting to discuss her proposal. They have been running simulations and live tests over the last 24h. They are impressed.

They are also unclear on how to generalize the process for Optodust and glass neurons. She did a lot of custom coding to make the changes work for Jake's genome.

Note that Jake and Icky don't have Lego Soldier or Appstore installed.

Willow and Google had to to assist in the installation of Jake's NeraLace since the NeuraLink team was going quickly. Still ended up with a minor cost and physical stress from the nanomesh install. Jake is unconscious until noon on 2034-03-07.

Action Item 1: Biotech Trade

Would Willow make a custom solution? Or one that sits on the Appstore package? Apps are much easier to install and remove, belt they are also not as powerful as direct coding. In other words, does Willow want to offer something they can licence and pay for - CAF Product #0001 - or something that requires a gene witch to customize - CAF Service #0001?

Action Item 2: Incorporation

Tank has been working with a lawyer IA to get the business structured into something plausible, and to find CEO candidates. Everyone who took a bitcoin stick is a Director with one vote and 1000 non-voting shares. You can do what you want with your shares. They're not worth anything right now, but soon? Also, the board has 1000 shares to sell or give away as it sees fit (simple majority).

That's 9 Directors, each with 10Ƀ of personal wealth and 1000 out of 10000 total shares.

The remaining bitcoins (230Ƀ) are company assets, with each of you having complete discretion over a 15Ƀ budget. Remember that 1Ƀ is worth about $50M in 2017 dollars, so you have discretion over about $750M. You can piss it away - if you try.

The remaining 95Ƀ+ $200M cash are the corporate reserve.

Action Item 3: Who Pays? What Are Our Products? Who Profits?

  • Pay: For most things you are welcome to use the company coffers. It isn't a slush fund though: all your spending is accounted for by the Accounting IA, and is visible to the rest of the board if they care to look. Any staff you hire can be thought of as costing 20mɃ (milli Bitcoin or "milliɃ") - that is, $1M per year. 1µɃ

(microɃ) is $50, and a coffee costs about 0.10µɃ ($5).

  • Products: So far you have a few potential products and services, including espionage, muscle, gene witchery, assassination, and fusion.
  • Profits: To start with, Tank recommends money be put into general funds.

Why are we doing this?

In part this is so I can write about CAF in a coherent way. In part it is because you're in the middle of a Corporate War and the amount of money you have is a lot like hit points. In general we won't have to think about this too much. Just remember you will need to find ways to make money if you want to (for example) hire a bunch of contract scientists and engineers from Val.

Today I Will...



  • Begin neural lace assessment.
    • Scan: 3 (get a boost)
    • Plan: 1 (success)
    • Program: 2 (0 + use boost)


  • Negotiate the NeuraLace deal.
  • Learn about the neural lace and the scanning protocols for both Icky and Jake.


That job.




  • Structure the business, hire a CEO.


  • Figure out her power.


  • Figure out his powers.


  • Figure out the MRO.


  • Defend his business.


  • Seek Sanctuary for her people.

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