2034-03-04 0600EST Droo activates StrDexCon

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Event: 2034-03-04 0600EST Droo activates StrDexCon

Scenario: The Corporate War Has Begun

Characters Locations
Droo, Willow CAFEL
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StrDexCon is a genetic modification that dramatically increases physical strength, vigor, and agility. Droo had the package installed but it was never activated. Willow triggered it with a dose of selenium today.

The installation happened over five days. The target's body grows leaner, more muscular, and faster over this time.

  • Day 1: New Aspect - StrDexCon
  • Day 2: +1 Quick
  • Day 3: New Aspect - Ravenous hunger: My new body requires around 12000 calories a day.
  • Day 4: -1 Careful
  • Day 5: +1 Forceful

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