2034-03-04 0600EST Construction

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Event: 2034-03-04 0600EST Construction

Scenario: The Corporate War Has Begun

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Characters Locations
Tank, Sutton, Willow, Droo, Jake, Icky, Storm, Petrov CAFEL
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At this point the characters have some short term goals.

1. Defensive Power: Build a facility that will keep you and yours safe through the oncoming storm. At the same time, make yourselves a very expensive target to attack.

2. Offensive Power: Personally and collectively increase your offensive strength to the extent that major flowers have to respect you.

These require building a base of operations, securing it, and collecting employees who can work the science and the facility.

2034-03-04 0600EST

  • Start arranging labs and work spaces
  • Fix mine in-out device
    • Jake gets a hand from Google to get the Clanks smoothly excavating and foraging.
  • Start hiring
    • Willow brings in
      • Petrov, a physicst. His record is ...interesting, but he does not appear to pose any security threat.
      • Simon, a gengineer, agrees to join the company.
      • NeuraLace, THE expert in neural laces, agrees to drop in to do some contract work on the teams.

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